Screening of barley germplasm for resistance to root lesion nematodes.

Sharma, S., Keil, T., Laubach, E. and Jung, C. (2011) Screening of barley germplasm for resistance to root lesion nematodes. Plant Genetic Resources-Characterization and Utilization, 9 (2). pp. 236-239. DOI 10.1017/s1479262111000293.

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Root lesion nematodes of the genus Pratylenchus are important pests in crop cultivation that cause severe damage to crops throughout the world. P. neglectus is one of the most important members of this genus. The present study aimed to select barley accessions with resistance to P. neglectus in a greenhouse resistance test and to detect resistance quantitative trait loci (QTLs). Infection rates have been found to vary greatly among different barley accessions; however, immunity could not be found. An existing Igri X Franka doubled-haploid mapping population was used to map resistance genes after artificial inoculation with P. neglectus under controlled environment. QTLs were found with a likelihood of odds score between 2.71 and 6.35 and explaining phenotypic variation of 8 to 16.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: Hordeum vulgare pest resistance quantitative trait loci root lesion nematodes pratylenchus-neglectus gene thornei rflp map
Research affiliation: Kiel University
Refereed: Yes
DOI etc.: 10.1017/s1479262111000293
ISSN: 1479-2621
Date Deposited: 01 Nov 2012 05:00
Last Modified: 23 Jan 2013 10:05

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