Little-studied arc-backarc system in the spotlight.

Stoffers, Peter, Wright, I. C., de Ronde, C., Hannington, M. D., Villinger, H. and Herzig, Peter (1999) Little-studied arc-backarc system in the spotlight. Open Access Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 80 (32). pp. 353-359. DOI 10.1029/EO080i032p00353-01.

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A research cruise has documented changes in rift tectonics, volcanism, and hydrothermalism along the least studied and most enigmatic sector of a crustal complex in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Results from the longitudinal transect are expected to provide insight into processes involving the Kermadec arc-Havre backarc (KAHB) system, a continuum from oceanic spreading to continental rifting at a convergent plate boundary KAHB forms the central sector of an active, 2000-km arc-backarc complex between Tonga and New Zealand (Figure 1).

The expedition also engaged in the first comprehensive survey of submarine vents in the Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) at the south end of the KAHB system. Identified in the off-shore segment of TVZ were three major hydrothermal vent areas associated with late Quaternary fault structures. Data from the expedition and from other recent research in the same area addressed questions concerning the type of hydrothermal venting, magmatic heterogeneity along and across KAHB, the style of backarc rifting, and tectonic and magmatic consequences of anomalous terranes colliding with the subduction margin.

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