Microbial control of bromocarbons in the surface ocean.

Endres, Sonja , Hepach, Helmke , Marandino, Christa, Quack, Birgit and Engel, Anja (2015) Microbial control of bromocarbons in the surface ocean. [Poster] In: SOLAS Open Science Conference. , 07.-11.09.2015, Kiel, Germany .

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Oceanic bromocarbons are highly reactive volatile organic compounds and may contribute up to 40% of stratospheric ozone depletion in mid latitudes. High sea-air fluxes of bromocarbons in the tropical regions have been related to biological cycling in the surface ocean, mainly by phytoplankton and bacteria, but the underlying processes and magnitude of the biogenic sources and sinks are poorly known. In order to understand temporal and spatial fluctuations of oceanic bromocarbon emissions, we studied microbial production and removal processes in the surface ocean during research cruises with RV SONNE (Tropical Indian Ocean) and RV ALKOR (Central Baltic Sea). Water samples were incubated with 13C-labelled bromoform substrate to determine bromocarbon consumption rates. Oxygen consumption was monitored to estimate the heterotrophic activity. Attained rates are compared to observational data of bacterial abundance, bromoform (CHBr3) and dibromomethane (CH2Br2) as well as organic matter concentrations in the water.

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