Stress Distribution under Forestry Machinery and Consequences for Soil Stability.

Riggert, R., Fleige, F., Kietz, B., Gaertig, T. and Horn, Rainer (2016) Stress Distribution under Forestry Machinery and Consequences for Soil Stability. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 80 (1). pp. 38-47. DOI 10.2136/sssaj2015.03.0126.

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The major principal stress (s1) of modern wheels and cleat-track forestry machinery was evaluated regarding changes in soil strength during multiple traffic experiments. Four heavy machines up to 32 Mg and three smaller machines up to 6.5 Mg were tested on soils derived from loess and glacial till in Lower Saxony, northwest Germany. The s1 was measured at different soil depths by a stress-state transducer system. Undisturbed soil samples were also taken to identify precompression stress (Pc) in order to quantify the ratio of Pc and actual s1. This ratio is used to describe soil stability responses to specific machinery impacts and offers additional physical soil parameters useful for estimating soil structural changes. The value of s1 generally decreased with depth and with an increasing number of traffic events. The findings show considerable differences in s1 (up to 43%) following the first and second passes. A specially designed cleat-track lumber hauler was able to reduce s1 by about 64% compared with the typical wheeled forwarder. Although Pc/s1 ratios developed in the surface soils following traffic by both light and heavy machinery, this ratio dramatically increased for heavy machinery. While on the one hand trafficking during harvesting did not change the soil strength in the subsoil, the negative outcome of these tests on the other hand indicated that only one of the seven tested machines equipped with a special dynamic driving system and containing a lower load was able to maintain s1 smaller than the internal strength of the soil at all depths and did not exceed the sitespecific strength history.

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