The genome of Chenopodium quinoa.

Jarvis, David E., Ho, Yung Shwen, Lightfoot, Damien J., Schmöckel, Sandra M., Li, Bo, Borm, Theo J. A., Ohyanagi, Hajime, Mineta, Katsuhiko, Michell, Craig T., Saber, Noha, Kharbatia, Najeh M., Rupper, Ryan R., Sharp, Aaron R., Dally, Nadine, Boughton, Berin A., Woo, Yong H., Gao, Ge, Schijlen, Elio G. W. M., Guo, Xiujie, Momin, Afaque A., Negrão, Sónia, Al-Babili, Salim, Gehring, Christoph, Roessner, Ute, Jung, Christian, Murphy, Kevin, Arold, Stefan T., Gojobori, Takashi, Linden, C. Gerard van der, van Loo, Eibertus N., Jellen, Eric N., Maughan, Peter J. and Tester, Mark (2017) The genome of Chenopodium quinoa. Nature, 542 (7641). pp. 307-312. DOI 10.1038/nature21370.

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Chenopodium quinoa (quinoa) is a highly nutritious grain identified as an important crop to improve world food security. Unfortunately, few resources are available to facilitate its genetic improvement. Here we report the assembly of a high-quality, chromosome-scale reference genome sequence for quinoa, which was produced using single-molecule real-time sequencing in combination with optical, chromosome-contact and genetic maps. We also report the sequencing of two diploids from the ancestral gene pools of quinoa, which enables the identification of sub-genomes in quinoa, and reduced-coverage genome sequences for 22 other samples of the allotetraploid goosefoot complex. The genome sequence facilitated the identification of the transcription factor likely to control the production of anti-nutritional triterpenoid saponins found in quinoa seeds, including a mutation that appears to cause alternative splicing and a premature stop codon in sweet quinoa strains. These genomic resources are an important first step towards the genetic improvement of quinoa.

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DOI etc.: 10.1038/nature21370
ISSN: 0028-0836
Projects: Future Ocean
Date Deposited: 19 Dec 2017 11:13
Last Modified: 06 Feb 2020 09:08

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