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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

Delzeit, R., Klepper, G. and Söder, M. (2017) Indirect land use change (iLUC) revisited: An evaluation of current policy proposals PDF Logo. Kiel Working Papers (2075).

Narita, D. and Klepper, G. (2016) Economic incentives for carbon dioxide storage under uncertainty: A real options analysis. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 53 . pp. 18-27. DOI

Mauser, W., Klepper, G., Zabel, F., Delzeit, R., Hank, T., Putzenlechner, B. and Calzadilla, A. (2015) Global biomass production potentials exceed expected future demand without the need for cropland expansion. Open Access Nature Communications, 6 . DOI 10.1038/ncomms9946.

Klepper, G. and Rickels, W. (2014) Climate Engineering: Economic Considerations and Research Challenges. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 8 (2). pp. 270-289. DOI


Hübler, M., Klepper, G. and Peterson, S. (2008) Costs of climate change - The effects of rising temperatures on health and productivity in Germany. Ecological Economics, 68 (1-2). pp. 381-393. DOI 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2008.04.010.



Rickels, W., Klepper, G., Dovern, J., Betz, G., Brachatzek, N., Cacean, S., Güssow, K., Heintzenberg, J., Hiller, S., Hoose, C., Leisner, T., Oschlies, A. , Platt, U., Proelß, A., Renn, O., Schäfer, S. and Zürn, M. (2011) Gezielte Eingriffe in das Klima? Eine Bestandsaufnahme der Debatte zu Climate Engineering. . Kiel Earth-Institute, Kiel, Germany, 180 pp. ISBN 3-89456-324-9


Rickels, W., Kleemann, L., Klepper, G., Peterson, S. and Petrick, S. (2009) Konjunktur für den Klimaschutz? Klima- und Wachstumswirkungen weltweiter Konjunkturprogramme. . Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Kiel, Germany, 32 pp. ISBN 3-89456-305-2

Book chapters

Calzadilla, A., Delzeit, R. and Klepper, G. (2016) Assessing the Effects of Biofuel Quotas on Agricultural Markets. In: The WSPC Reference on Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Era of Global Change . ; 3 . World Scientific Pub Co Inc, London, pp. 399-442. DOI 10.1142/9789813208179_0013.

Klepper, G., Rickels, W., Schenker, O., Schwarze, R., Bardt, H., Biebeler, H., Mahammadzadeh, M. and Schulze, S. (2016) Kosten des Klimawandels und Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft. In: Klimawandel in Deutschland. . Springer Spektrum, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 253-264. DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-50397-3_25.


Narita, D. and Klepper, G. (2012) Economic Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Storage under Uncertainty: A Real Option Analysis. [Talk] In: International Energy Workshop. , 20.06.2012, Cape Town, South Africa .

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