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Adam, N., Kriete, C., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Gonnella, G., Krause, S., Schippers, A., Kurtz, S., Schwarz-Schampera, U., Han, Y., Indenbirken, D. and Perner, M. (2019) Microbial Community Compositions and Geochemistry of Sediments with Increasing Distance to the Hydrothermal Vent Outlet in the Kairei Field. Geomicrobiology Journal . DOI 10.1080/01490451.2019.1694107.



Adam, N. and Perner, M. (2018) Microbially Mediated Hydrogen Cycling in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents. Open Access Frontiers in Microbiology, 9 (2873). DOI 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02873.

Han, Y., Gonnella, G., Adam, N., Schippers, A., Burkhardt, L., Kurtz, S., Schwarz-Schampera, U., Franke, H. and Perner, M. (2018) Hydrothermal chimneys host habitat-specific microbial communities: analogues for studying the possible impact of mining seafloor massive sulfide deposits. Open Access Scientific Reports, 8 (1). p. 10386. DOI 10.1038/s41598-018-28613-5.


Fredslund, F., Borchert, M. S., Poulsen, J. C. N., Mortensen, S. B., Perner, M. , Streit, W. R. and Lo Leggio, L. (2018) Structure of a hyperthermostable carbonic anhydrase identified from an active hydrothermal vent chimney. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 114 . pp. 48-54. DOI 10.1016/j.enzmictec.2018.03.009.



Adam, N. and Perner, M. (2017) Activity-Based Screening of Metagenomic Libraries for Hydrogenase Enzymes. In: Metagenomics: Methods and Protocols. , ed. by Streit, W. R. and Daniel, R.. Springer, New York, NY, pp. 261-270. ISBN 978-1-4939-6689-9 DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-6691-2_17.


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Gonnella, G., Böhnke, S., Indenbirken, D., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Seifert, R., Mertens, C., Kurtz, S. and Perner, M. (2016) Endemic hydrothermal vent species identified in the open ocean seed bank. Nature Microbiology, 1 (8). Article number: 16086. DOI 10.1038/nmicrobiol.2016.86.

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Schlicht, S., Assaud, L., Hansen, M., Licklederer, M., Bechelany, M., Perner, M. and Bachmann, J. (2016) An electrochemically functional layer of hydrogenase extract on an electrode of large and tunable specific surface area. Open Access Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (17). pp. 6487-6494. DOI 10.1039/C6TA00392C.


Gebert, J. and Perner, M. (2015) Impact of preferential methane flow through soil on microbial community composition. European Journal of Soil Biology, 69 . pp. 8-16. DOI 10.1016/j.ejsobi.2015.03.006.


Hansen, M. and Perner, M. (2015) A novel hydrogen oxidizer amidst the sulfur-oxidizing Thiomicrospira lineage. The ISME Journal, 9 (3). pp. 696-707. DOI 10.1038/ismej.2014.173.


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Perner, M. , Gonnella, G., Kurtz, S. and LaRoche, J. (2014) Handling Temperature Bursts Reaching 464 C: Different Microbial Strategies in the Sisters Peak Hydrothermal Chimney. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 80 (15). pp. 4585-4598. DOI 10.1128/AEM.01460-14.



Perner, M. , Gonella, G., Hourdez, S., Bohnke, S., Kurtz, S. and Girguis, P. (2013) In situ chemistry and microbial community compositions in five deep-sea hydrothermal fluid samples from Irina II in the Logatchev field. Environmental Microbiology, 15 (5). pp. 1551-1560. DOI 10.1111/1462-2920.12038.


Perner, M. , Hansen, M., Seifert, R., Strauss, H., Koschinsky, A. and Petersen, S. (2013) Linking geology, fluid chemistry, and microbial activity of basalt- and ultramafic-hosted deep-sea hydrothermal vent environments. Geobiology, 11 (4). pp. 340-355. DOI 10.1111/gbi.12039.


Klevenz, V., Sander, S. G., Perner, M. and Koschinsky, A. (2012) Amelioration of free copper by hydrothermal vent microbes as a response to high copper concentrations. Chemistry and Ecology, 28 (5). pp. 405-420. DOI 10.1080/02757540.2012.666531.



Perner, M. , Hentscher, M., Rychlik, N., Seifert, R., Strauss, H. and Bach, W. (2011) Driving forces behind the biotope structures in two low-temperature hydrothermal venting sites on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 3 (6). pp. 727-737. DOI 10.1111/j.1758-2229.2011.00291.x.

Perner, M. , Ilmberger, N., Köhler, H. U., Chow, J. and Streit, W. R. (2011) Emerging fields in functional metagenomics and its industrial relevance - overcoming limitations and redirecting the search for novel biocatalysts. In: Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology II: Metagenomics in Different . , ed. by de Bruijn, F. J.. Wiley, Hoboken, , pp. 483-498.



Dekov, V. M., Petersen, S. , Garbe-Schönberg, C. D., Kamenov, G. D., Perner, M. , Kuzmann, E. and Schmidt, M. (2010) Fe–Si-oxyhydroxide deposits at a slow-spreading centre with thickened oceanic crust: the Lilliput hydrothermal field (9°33′S, Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Chemical Geology, 278 . pp. 186-200. DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2010.09.012.


Perner, M. , Petersen, J. M., Zielinski, F., Gennerich, H. H. and Seifert, R. (2010) Geochemical constraints on the diversity and activity of H2-oxidizing microorganisms in diffuse hydrothermal fluids from a basalt- and an ultramafic-hosted vent. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 74 (1). pp. 55-71. DOI 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2010.00940.x.


Perner, M. , Seifert, R., Strauss, H. and Petersen, S. (2010) Microbial communities and metabolisms from basalt- and ultramafic-hosted vents. Open Access [Talk] In: Chapman Conference on Detachments in Oceanic Lithosphere: Deformation, Magmatism, Fluid Flow, and Ecosystems, American Geophysical Union. , 11.05.2010, Agros, Cyprus .


Imhoff, J. F. , Hügler, M., Perner, M. and Gärtner, A. (2009) Microbial life at deep sea hydrothermal vents - recent developments and new challenges. [Talk] In: 6. Workshop SPP 1144. , 21.09.2009, Etelsen .


Perner, M. , Bach, W., Hentscher, M., Koschinsky, A., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Streit, W. R. and Strauss, H. (2009) Short-term microbial and physico-chemical variability in low-temperature hydrothermal fluids near 5°S on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Environmental Microbiology, 11 (10). pp. 2526-2541. DOI 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2009.01978.x.

Strauss, H., Peters, M., Farquhar, J., Eickmann, B., Garbe-Schönberg, C. D., Haase, K., Koepke, J., Koschinsky, A., Ockert, C., Oeser, M., Petersen, S. , Thomazo, C., Cherkashev, G. and Perner, M. (2009) From Mantle to Ocean: tracing the pathway of sulphur with multiple sulphur isotopes. [Talk] In: SPP1144 Annual Meeting. , 22.09.2009, Etelsen .



Petersen, S. , Augustin, N. , Borowski, C., Buller, K. C., Denker, C., Fabian, M., Fink, D., Heesemann, B., Jost, C., Koy, U., Keir, R., Kuhn, T., Marbler, H., Meier, T., Perner, M. , Peters, M., Schattenhofer, M., Vogt, M., Wefers, P., Westernstroer, U. and Westhues, A. (2008) RV Atalante Cruise Report HYDROMAR V, Toulon, France - Recife, Brazil, 04.12.2007 - 02.01.2008. Open Access . IFM-GEOMAR Report, 22 . IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, 103 pp. DOI 10.3289/ifm-geomar_rep_22_2008.



Haase, K. M., Petersen, S. , Koschinsky, A., Seifert, R., Devey, C. W. , Keir, R., Lackschewitz, K., Melchert, B., Perner, M. , Schmale, O., Süling, J., Dubilier, N., Zielinski, F. and Fretzdorff, S. (2007) Young volcanism and related hydrothermal activity at 5°S on the slow-spreading southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Open Access Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 8 (Q11002). DOI 10.1029/2006GC001509.


Perner, M. , Kuever, J., Seifert, R., Pape, T., Koschinsky, A., Schmidt, K., Strauss, H. and Imhoff, J. F. (2007) The influence of ultramafic rocks on microbial communities at the Logatchev Hydrothermal field, located 15°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 61 . pp. 97-109. DOI 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2007.00325.x.

Perner, M. , Küver, J. and Imhoff, J. F. (2007) Bacterial genes associated with H2-oxidation and CO² fixation pathways (CBB and rTCA cycles) in hydrothermal fluids with distinct physico-chemical parameters. [Talk] In: SPP 1144 Jahrestagung 2007. , 27.06.2007, Etelsen/Bremen .


Perner, M. , Seifert, R., Weber, S., Koschinsky, A., Schmidt, K., Strauss, H., Peters, M., Haase, K. and Imhoff, J. F. (2007) Microbial CO2 fixation and sulfur cycling associated with low-temperature emissions at the Lilliput hydrothermal field, southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (9°S). Environmental Microbiology, 9 (5). pp. 1186-1201. DOI 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2007.01241.x.

Perner, M. , Seifert, R., Weber, S., Strauss, H., Petersen, R. M. and Imhoff, J. F. (2007) Microbial CO² fixation and sulfur cycling associated with low-temperature emissions at the Lilliput hydrothermal field, southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (9°S). [Talk] In: VAAM-Jahrestagung 2007. , 01.-04.04.2007, Osnabrück .


Perner, M. , Kuever, J., Koschinsky, A., Schmidt, K., Strauss, H., Seifert, R. and Imhoff, J. F. (2006) The role of hydrothermal fluids on microbial communities at the ultramafic-hosted Logatchev Hydrothermal Field (LHF). [Talk] In: 3. Workshop des Schwerpunktprogramms (SPP1144) "Vom Mantel zum Ozean: Energie-, Stoff- und Lebenszyklen an Spreizungsachsen". , 06.07.2006, Etelsen bei Bremen .


Haase, K. M., Petersen, S. , Perner, M. , Schott, T. and Süling, J. and M64/1 Scientific Party (2005) Hydrothermal venting and volcanism on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. [Talk] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2005. , 05.-09.12.2005, San Francisco, USA .

Haase, K. M., Petersen, S. , Perner, M. , Schott, T. and Süling, J. and M64/1 Scientific Party (2005) Hydrothermal activity on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge: first results of the M64/1 cruise. [Talk] In: 83. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft (DMG). , 18.09.-21.09.2005, Aachen .


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