The Use of CUSUM Charts for Early Detection of Increasing Mortality in a Turbot Recirculation System.

Baer, A., Schulz, Carsten, Traulsen, I. and Krieter, J. (2011) The Use of CUSUM Charts for Early Detection of Increasing Mortality in a Turbot Recirculation System. Israeli Journal of Aquaculture-Bamidgeh, 63 .

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Cumulative sum (CUSUM) control charts are widely used in industry for process control. They are effective tools for statistical process control since they are able to detect small deviations from a monitored process level. They are little used in agriculture and do not yet have importance in aquaculture. In this paper CUSUM charts were designed to predict mortality in a commercial turbot (Psetta maxima) aquaculture recirculation system in Germany. Data from two rearing modules were recorded from 2001 to 2007. Turbots were reared from 5 to 2000 g in eight weight classes. The number of dead fish was recorded daily and analyzed with different settings of a CUSUM chart to detect changes in the mortality rate. The CUSUM charts were adjusted to reveal daily mortality rates that exceeded the tolerated value of 0.008, which is equivalent to 5 mortality of the initial stock during the entire production period. A optimal setting for the CUSUM chart was designed for each weight class. The best sensitivity rates of the CUSUM charts ranged 26-52, depending on the weight class. Sensitivity increased as the fish size increased. CUSUM charts are effective tools for detecting small deviations in mortality rate data. Hence, they can be used as an addition to existing decision support systems in the examined turbot farm. Further, a close connection between water temperature and survival rate was detected, and the mortality rate increased when the water temperature rose to 18 degrees C.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: statistical analyses turbot CUSUM charts decision support system scophthalmus-maximus rafinesque statistical process-control limanda-limanda l juvenile turbot decision-support european waters 0-group plaice platessa l growth design
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Kiel University
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