Kandiano, Evgeniya S., Bauch, Henning A. and Fahl, Kirsten (2014) Last interglacial surface water structure in the NW Mediterranean (Balearic) Sea : climatic variability and link between low and high latitudes. [Poster] In: international REKLIM Conference “Our Climate – Our Future, Regional Perspectives on a Global Challenge” . , 06.10.-09.10.2014, Berlin . Our Climate – Our Future : Regional Perspectives on a Global Challenge ; International REKLIM Conference, 6 - 9 October, 2014, Umweltforum Auferstehungskirche, Berlin, Germany ; Program and Abstracts / REKLIM, Helmholtzverbund Regionale Klimaänderungen ; Helmholtz Association. ; p. 120 . Terra Nostra, 2014 (01).

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A multi-proxy analysis based on planktic foraminiferal abundances and derived SSTs, abundances of alkenone compounds and alkenone SSTs as well as stable isotopes measurements was performed for Site 975 (ODP Leg 161) from the slope of the South Balearic-Islands basin (Western Mediterranean) across late MIS 6 to early MIS 5d periods with emphasis on the climate progression of the last inter-glacial period. A number of abrupt climate changes related to alternative influence of northern nutrient rich and southern oligotrophic water masses were revealed. Among climate fluctuations, Heinrich Event 11 and cooling events C 27, C 26, C 25, C 24, C23 which had been detected earlier in the North Atlantic, were recognised. However, in comparison to the eastern North Atlantic mid-latitude region, at Site 975 events C27 and C26 seem to be significantly more pronounced. This fact along with evidence of two-phase climate optimum with the SSTs maximum reached during its later phase implies close similarity in climate dynamics between the Western Mediterranean and the Nordic Seas.
It is proposed that postglacial effects in the Nordic Seas had an influence on the western Mediterranean climate via atmospheric circulation and competed with the insolation

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Keywords: Marine research; Climate variability; Paleoceanography
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Projects: Laptev Sea System, Transdrift
  • ODP Leg 161
Date Deposited: 25 Feb 2015 12:39
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