Ökologische Untersuchungen zur Nitrifikation in Nord-und Ostsee.

Rheinheimer, Gerhard (1967) Ökologische Untersuchungen zur Nitrifikation in Nord-und Ostsee. Open Access Helgoländer Wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen, 15 (1-4). pp. 243-252. DOI 10.1007/BF01618627.

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Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate were regularly estimated at several stations in the Kieler Bucht (western Baltic Sea) since November 1964. There are considerable seasonal changes in the contents of these 3 nitrogen compounds with impressive maxima of nitrite and nitrate in February or at the beginning of March. The great increase of nitrite and nitrate during the winter and also a smaller increase in summer are mainly caused by oxidation of ammonia, first to nitrite and then to nitrate, by nitrifying bacteria. In consequence chemoautotrophic nitrite- and nitratebacteria could be found in the water as well as in sediments all over the Kieler Bucht and also in the North Sea around the isle of Helgoland. These nitrifying bacteria are able to oxidize ammonia or nitrite in salinity conditions typical for the western Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

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