Redistribution of ions within the active layer and upper permafrost, Yamal, Russia.

Streletskii, D. A., Streletskaya, I. D., Rogov, V. V. and Leibman, M. O. (2003) Redistribution of ions within the active layer and upper permafrost, Yamal, Russia. In: Permafrost: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Permafrost, 21-25 July 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. ; 2 , ed. by Phillips, Marcia, Springman, Sarah M. and Arenson, Lukas U.. Balkema, Lisse, The Netherlands, pp. 1117-1122. ISBN 90-5809-585-1 ; 90-5809-582-7

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A landslide-affected slope was chosen to study the ionic migration in the active layer and upper portion of permafrost. The research was conducted in two stages, in 1994 and 2001. Several boreholes, in dry and wet environments of the shearing surface of a 1989-landslide, were drilled. A background borehole on an undisturbed site was sampled as well. Each sample, collected from the core, underwent a conventional chemical cation-anion analysis. The results showed desalinization of the active layer and upper permafrost, which occurred in 7 years. Different migration rates noted for various salts determine change of ionic composition from marine pattern to continental, because mobile ions are washed away by surface and subsurface runoff, while the less mobile ones are accumulating in the upper portion of the active layer due to capillary rise and at the active layer base on a geochemical barrier.

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Keywords: Arctic; Permafrost; Yamal, Russia; Ionic migration
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