A new approach for estimating stock status from length frequency data.

Froese, Rainer , Winker, Henning, Coro, Gianpaolo, Demirel, Nazli, Tsikliras, Athanassios C., Dimarchopoulou, Donna, Scarcella, Giuseppe, Probst, Wolfgang N., Dureuil, Manuel and Pauly, Daniel (2018) A new approach for estimating stock status from length frequency data. Open Access ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75 (6). pp. 2004-2015. DOI 10.1093/icesjms/fsy078.

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This study presents a new method (LBB) for the analysis of length frequency data from commercial catches. LBB works for species that grow throughout their lives, such as most commercially-important fish and invertebrates, and requires no input in addition to length frequency data. It estimates asymptotic length, length at first capture, relative natural mortality, and relative fishing mortality. Standard fisheries equations can then be used to approximate current exploited biomass relative to unexploited biomass. In addition, these parameters allow the estimation of length at first capture that would maximize catch and biomass for a given fishing effort, and estimation of a proxy for the relative biomass capable of producing maximum sustainable yields. Relative biomass estimates of LBB were not significantly different from the “true” values in simulated data and were similar to independent estimates from full stock assessments. LBB also presents a new indicator for assessing whether an observed size structure is indicative of a healthy stock. LBB results will obviously be misleading if the length frequency data do not represent the size composition of the exploited size range of the stock or if length frequencies resulting from the interplay of growth and mortality are masked by strong recruitment pulses.

Document Type: Article
Additional Information: The authors of the above paper wish to notify readers that this paper published with typographical errors on the fourth page. In the upper-left paragraph of that page, as part of the Methods section, the sentence 'Because LF data do not hold any information about absolute abundance, there is no loss of information when both sides of Equation (1) are divided by their respective sums', has been corrected to amend 'Equation (1)' to 'Equation (2)'. In the lower left paragraph of the same page, the sentence 'Therefore, the parameters of the true selection ogive cannot be estimated correctly by fitting Equation (4) to the ascending part of the catch-in-numbers curve', has been corrected to amend 'Equation (4)' to 'Equation (5)'. In the subsequent sentence, 'Equation (2)' has been corrected to amend to 'Equation (3)'. On the same page, Equation (7) has been corrected to amend to N Li ¼ N Li1 L L inf inf L L i i 1 MK þ KF SLi and C Li ¼ N Li S Li The text between Equations (7) and (8) has been corrected to amend to: 'where L i is the number of individuals at length i, L i-1 is the number at the previous length, C refers to the number of individuals vulnerable to the gear and proportionally represented in the catch, and all other parameters are as described above. By dividing both sides of the C Li equation by their respective sums, the numbers are standardized and made compatible across years.' Equation (8) has been corrected to amend to C Li N Li S Li ¼ P CLi (8) P N Li S Li The paper has now been corrected online.
Keywords: biomass depletion, data-poor stocks, healthy size structure, length frequency analysis, M/K, MSFD, proxies for MSY
Research affiliation: OceanRep > GEOMAR > FB3 Marine Ecology > FB3-EV Marine Evolutionary Ecology
Corresponding Author:
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Froese, Rainer
Froese, Rainer
FB3-EV Marine Evolutionary Ecology
Refereed: Yes
Open Access Journal?: No
Publisher: Oxford Univ. Press
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Date Deposited: 30 May 2018 08:24
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2021 07:41
URI: https://oceanrep.geomar.de/id/eprint/43182

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