Geometry of the deep Calabrian subduction (Central Mediterranean Sea) from wide‐angle seismic data and 3‐D gravity modeling.

Dellong, David , Klingelhoefer, Frauke , Dannowski, Anke , Kopp, Heidrun , Murphy, Shane, Graindorge, David, Margheriti, Lucia , Moretti, Milena , Barreca, Giovanni , Scarfì, Luciano , Polonia, Alina and Gutscher, Marc‐Andre (2020) Geometry of the deep Calabrian subduction (Central Mediterranean Sea) from wide‐angle seismic data and 3‐D gravity modeling. Open Access Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 21 (3, art. no. GGGE22066). DOI 10.1029/2019GC008586.

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The Calabrian subduction zone is one of the narrowest arcs on Earth and a key area to understand the geodynamic evolution of the Mediterranean and other marginal seas. Here in the Ionian Sea, the African plate subducts beneath Eurasia. Imaging the boundary between the downgoing slab and the upper plate along the Calabrian subduction zone is important for assessing the potential of the subduction zone to generate mega‐thrust earthquakes and was the main objective of this study. Here we present and analyze the results from a 380 km long, wide‐angle seismic profile spanning the complete subduction zone, from the deep Ionian Basin and the accretionary wedge to NE Sicily, with additional constraints offered by 3‐D Gravity modeling and the analysis of earthquake hypocenters. The velocity model for the wide‐angle seismic profile images thin oceanic crust throughout the basin. The Calabrian backstop extends underneath the accretionary wedge to about 100 km SE of the coast. The seismic model was extended in depth using earthquake hypocenters. The combined results indicate that the slab dip increases abruptly from 2‐3° to 60‐70° over a distance of ≤50 km underneath the Calabrian backstop. This abrupt steepening is likely related to the roll‐back geodynamic evolution of the narrow Calabrian slab which shows great similarity to the shallow and deep geometry of the Gibraltar slab.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: Ionian Basin; wide‐angle seismic; gravity; crustal structure; seismicity; tomography
Research affiliation: IFREMER
OceanRep > GEOMAR > FB4 Dynamics of the Ocean Floor > FB4-GDY Marine Geodynamics
Refereed: Yes
Open Access Journal?: No
Publisher: AGU (American Geophysical Union), Wiley
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Projects: DIONYSUS
Date Deposited: 12 Dec 2019 11:07
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2023 09:29

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