An Aircraft-Based Study of Strong Gap Flows in Nares Strait, Greenland.

Heinemann, Günther (2018) An Aircraft-Based Study of Strong Gap Flows in Nares Strait, Greenland. Open Access Monthly Weather Review, 146 (11). pp. 3589-3604. DOI 10.1175/MWR-D-18-0178.1.

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Gap flows and the stable boundary layer were studied in northwest Greenland during the aircraft-based Investigation of Katabatic Winds and Polynyas during Summer (IKAPOS) experiment in June 2010. The measurements were performed using the research aircraft POLAR 5 of Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI; Bremerhaven). Besides navigational and basic meteorological instrumentation, the aircraft was equipped with radiation and surface temperature sensors and a turbulence measurement system. In the area of Smith Sound at the southern end of the Nares Strait, a stable, but fully turbulent, boundary layer with strong winds of up to 22 m s−1 was found during conditions of synoptically induced northerly winds through the Nares Strait. Strong surface inversions were present in the lowest 100–200 m. As a consequence of channeling effects, a well-pronounced low-level jet system was documented for each of four flights. The wind maximum is located at 20–50-km distance from the exit of Smith Sound. The 3D boundary layer structure past this gap is studied in detail. The channeling process is consistent with gap flow theory. The flow through the gap and over the surrounding mountains leads to the lowering of isotropic surfaces and the acceleration of the flow. The orographically channeled flow through Smith Sound plays a key role for the formation of the North Water polynya being the largest ice-producing polynya in the Arctic.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: Arctic, Orographic effects, Boundary layer, Aircraft observations, In situ atmospheric observations
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Publisher: AMS (American Meteorological Society)
Projects: CATS
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