Backstop geometry and accretionary mechanics of the Sunda margin.

Kopp, Heidrun and Kukowski, Nina (2003) Backstop geometry and accretionary mechanics of the Sunda margin. Open Access Tectonics, 22 (6). p. 1072. DOI 10.1029/2002TC001420.

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The convergent Sunda margin off Indonesia displays all geological features characteristic of an accretion-dominated subduction zone. A combined interpretation of prestack depth-migrated seismic reflection data and velocity information gained from refraction studies is supplemented by high-resolution bathymetric data and for the first time allows the exact mapping of backstop regimes. Initially, the outer high evolved as material was pushed against a static rigid arc framework backstop underlying a forearc basin. Increasing material strength of the outer high due to lithification formed a dynamic backstop, which controls accretion today. An out-of-sequence thrust marks the transition from the recent active frontal accretionary prism to the outer high and may be traced in the seismic and bathymetric data over the whole extent of the study area. The existence of a static as well as a dynamic backstop controls the forearc geometry and is associated with the segmentation of the forearc, which is observed in regimes of frontal as well as of oblique subduction. Mass balance calculations, which account for porosity changes and metamorphism, indicate a subduction history dominated by accretionary processes since the late Eocene. Accretion is associated with the low values of basal friction inferred for the Sunda margin. Structural investigations of conjugate fault planes indicate a very weak basal detachment. Effective stress analyses reveal that intrinsically weak material causes the high strength ratio of the detachment to the overlying sediments, whereas overpressuring within the frontal accretionary prism is negligible.

Document Type: Article
Keywords: R.V. Sonne; SO137 ; SO139; morphotectonics; mass balance; effective stress analysis; backstop geometry; prestack depth migration; wide-angle seismics
Research affiliation: HGF-GFZ
OceanRep > GEOMAR > FB4 Dynamics of the Ocean Floor > FB4-GDY Marine Geodynamics
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Publisher: AGU (American Geophysical Union)
Date Deposited: 18 Feb 2008 17:26
Last Modified: 28 Jun 2017 13:12

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