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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

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Bauch, D. , Gröger, M., Dmitrenko, I., Hölemann, J., Kirillov, S., Mackensen, A., Taldenkova, E. and Andersen, N. (2011) Atmospheric controlled freshwater release at the Laptev Sea Continental margin. Open Access Polar Research, 30 (5858). DOI 10.3402/polar.v30i0.5858.

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Bauch, D. , Hölemann, J., Willmes, S., Gröger, M., Novikhin, A., Nikulina, A., Kassens, H. and Timokhov, L. (2010) Changes in distribution of brine waters on the Laptev Sea shelf in 2007. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 115 . C11008. DOI 10.1029/2010JC006249.


Bauch, D. , Hölemann, J., Willmes, S., Gröger, M., Novikhin, A., Nikulina, A., Kassens, H. and Timokhov, L. (2010) Changes in brine water distribution within the Laptev Sea shelf water column in 2007. [Talk] In: International Polar Year - Oslo Science Conference. , 08.06.-12.06.2010, Oslo, Norway .

Bauch, D. , Dobrotina, E., Gröger, M., Hoelemann, J. A., Klagge, T., Martynov, F., Nikulina, A., Novikhin, A. and Spielhagen, R. (2009) Imprint of sea-ice formation on Laptev Sea water masses. [Talk] In: 9. Workshop on Russian-German Cooperation: Laptev Sea System. , 24.11.-25.11.2009, St. Petersburg, Russia .

Conference posters

Bauch, D. , Gröger, M., Hölemann, J., Taldenkova, E., Mackensen, A. and Andersen, N. (2007) Sea-ice and River Water Inventories Along the Laptev Sea Continental Slope Derived From Stable Oxygen Isotope Composition Within the Water Column. [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2007. , 09-14.12, San Francisco, USA .

Reports - other reports

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Winder, M., Andersson, H., Bauer, B., Bonsdorff, E., Björklung, C., Costalago, D., Gogina, M., Gröger, M., Herkül, K., Kock Rasmussen, E., Kotta, J., Lauringson, V., Lundström, K., MacKenzie, B. R., Margonski, P., Möller, T., Nyström, K., Ojaveer, H., Orav-Kotta, H., Puntila, R., Pärnoja, M., Skov, H., Tomczak, M. T., Törnroos, A., Warzocha, J., Wahlström, I., Zaiko, A. and Zettler, M. L. (2017) Projection of impacts of changed drivers on future biodiversity. Open Access . BIO-C3 Deliverable, D4.3 . EU Bonusproject BIO-C3, 16 + App. pp. DOI 10.3289/BIO-C3_D4.3.

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