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Golikov, A. V. , Gudmundsson, G., Blicher, M. E., Joergensen, L. L., Korneeva, E. I., Olafsdottir, S. H., Shagimardanova, E. I., Shigapova, L. H., Zakharov, D. V., Zimina, O. L. and Sabirov, R. M. (2023) A review of the genus Muusoctopus (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) from Arctic waters. Open Access Zoological Letters, 9 (1). Art.Nr. 21. DOI 10.1186/s40851-023-00220-x.

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Golikov, A. V. , Stauffer, J. B. , Schindler, S. V. , Taylor, J., Boehringer, L., Purser, A., Sabirov, R. M. and Hoving, H. J. T. (2023) Miles down for lunch: deep-sea in situ observations of Arctic finned octopods Cirroteuthis muelleri suggest pelagic–benthic feeding migration. Open Access Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 290 (2001). Art.Nr. 20230640. DOI 10.1098/rspb.2023.0640.

Vlasova, E. V., Sabirov, R. M. and Golikov, A. V. (2023) Reproductive Biology of the Golden Cuttlefish Sepia esculenta (Cephalopoda, Sepiida). Open Access Diversity, 15 (3). Art.Nr. 455. DOI 10.3390/d15030455.

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Golikov, A. V., Ceia, F. R., Hoving, H. J. , Queirós, J. P., Sabirov, R. M., Blicher, M. E., Larionova, A. M., Walkusz, W., Zakharov, D. V. and Xavier, J. C. (2022) Life History of the Arctic Squid Gonatus fabricii (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) Reconstructed by Analysis of Individual Ontogenetic Stable Isotopic Trajectories. Open Access Animals, 12 (24). Art.Nr. 3548. DOI 10.3390/ani12243548.

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Xavier, J. C., Golikov, A. V. , Queirós, J. P., Perales-Raya, C., Rosas-Luis, R., Abreu, J., Bello, G., Bustamante, P., Capaz, J. C., Dimkovikj, V. H., González, A. F., Guímaro, H., Guerra-Marrero, A., Gomes-Pereira, J. N., Kubodera, T., Laptikhovsky, V., Lefkaditou, E., Lishchenko, F., Luna, A., Liu, B., Pierce, G. J., Pissarra, V., Reveillac, E., Romanov, E. V., Rosa, R., Roscian, M., Rose-Mann, L., Rouget, I., Sánchez, P., Sánchez-Márquez, A., Seixas, S., Souquet, L., Varela, J., Vidal, E. A. G. and Cherel, Y. (2022) The significance of cephalopod beaks as a research tool: An update. Open Access Frontiers in Physiology, 13 . Art.Nr. 1038064. DOI 10.3389/fphys.2022.1038064.

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