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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

[thumbnail of 375_Bahamonde_2004_LithofaciesAndDepositionalProcessesOn_Artzeit_pubid10650.pdf]

Bahamonde, J. R., Kenter, J. A. M., Della Porta, G., Keim, L., Immenhauser, A. and Reijmer, J. (2004) Lithofacies and depositional processes on a high, steep-margined Carboniferous (Bashkirian-Moscovian) carbonate platform slope, Sierra del Cuera, NW Spain. Sedimentary Geology, 166 . pp. 145-156. DOI 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2003.11.019.

[thumbnail of 2004_BauchH-etal-Arctic_MarMic.pdf]

Bauch, H. , Erlenkeuser, H., Bauch, D. , Müller-Lupp, T. and Taldenkova, E. (2004) Stable oxygen and carbon isotopes in modern benthic foraminifera from the Laptev Sea shelf: implications for reconstructing proglacial and profluvial environments in the Arctic. Marine Micropaleontology, 51 (3-4). pp. 285-300. DOI 10.1016/j.marmicro.2004.01.002.

[thumbnail of Colmenero-Hidalgo.pdf]

Colmenero-Hidalgo, E., Flores, J. A., Sierro, F. J., Bárcena, M., Löwemark, L., Schönfeld, J. and Grimalt, J. (2004) Ocean surface water response to short-term climate changes revealed by coccolithophores from the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic) and Alboran Sea (W Mediterranean). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 205 . pp. 317-336. DOI 10.1016/j.palaeo.2003.12.014.

[thumbnail of Crosta.pdf]

Crosta, X., Sturm, A., Armand, L. and Pichon, J. J. (2004) Late Quaternary sea ice history in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean as recorded by diatom assemblages. Marine Micropaleontology, 50 . pp. 209-223. DOI 10.1016/S0377-8398(03)00072-0.

[thumbnail of 2004_Fietzke_etal_ChemGeo.pdf]

Fietzke, J. , Eisenhauer, A. , Gussone, N., Bock, B., Liebetrau, V., Nägler, T. F., Spero, H. J., Bijma, J. and Dullo, W. C. (2004) Direct measurement of 44Ca/40Ca ratios by MC-ICP-MS using the cool plasma technique. Chemical Geology, 206 (1-2). pp. 11-20. DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2004.01.014.

[thumbnail of 2005_Kandiano-Bauch-Mueller_PPP-204.pdf]

Kandiano, E. S., Bauch, H. A. and Müller, A. (2004) Sea surface temperature variability in the North Atlantic during the last two glacial-interglacial cycles: comparison of faunal, oxygen isotopic, and Mg/Ca-derived records. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 204 (1-2). pp. 145-164. DOI 10.1016/S0031-0182(03)00728-4.

[thumbnail of 2004_Lassen-165-71.pdf]

Lassen, S. J., Kuijpers, A., Kunzendorf, H., Hoffmann-Wieck, G., Mikkelsen, N. and Konradi, P. (2004) Late-Holocene Atlantic bottom-water variability in Igaliku Fjord, South Greenland, reconstructed from foraminiferal faunas. Open Access The Holocene, 14 (2). pp. 165-171. DOI 10.1191/0959683604hl699rp.

[thumbnail of Löwemark.pdf]

Löwemark, L., Schönfeld, J., Werner, F. and Schäfer, P. (2004) Trace fossils as a paleoceanographic tool: evidence from Late Quaternary sediments of the southwestern Iberian margin. Marine Geology, 204 . pp. 27-41. DOI 10.1016/S0025-3227(03)00351-7.

[thumbnail of 1-s2.0-S0012821X04001451-main.pdf]

Malone, M., Martin, J., Schönfeld, J., Ninnemann, U., Nürnberg, D. and White, T. (2004) The oxygen isotopic composition and temperature of southern ocean bottom waters during the Last Glacial Maximum. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 222 (1). pp. 275-283. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2004.02.027.

[thumbnail of 17-4_mienert.pdf]

Mienert, J., Weaver, P., Berné, S., Dullo, W. C. , Evans, D., Freiwald, A., Henriet, J. P., Joergensen, B. B., Lericolais, G., Lykousis, V., Parkes, J., Trincardi, F. and Westbrook, G. (2004) Overview of recent, ongoing, and future investigations on the dynamics and evolution of European Margins. Open Access Oceanography, 17 (4). pp. 12-29. DOI 10.5670/oceanog.2004.01.

[thumbnail of 2004_Mueller-Lupp-etal_Holocene_QuaSci-61.pdf]

Müller-Lupp, T., Bauch, H. and Erlenkeuser, H. (2004) Holocene hydrographical change in the eastern Laptev Sea (Siberian Arctic) recorded in delta18O profiles of bivalve shells. Quaternary Research, 61 (1). pp. 32-41. DOI 10.1016/j.yqres.2003.09.003.

[thumbnail of palo1151.pdf]

Nürnberg, D. and Tiedemann, R. (2004) Environmental change in the Sea of Okhotsk during the past 1.1 million years. Open Access Paleoceanography, 19 (PA4011). DOI 10.1029/2004PA001023.

[thumbnail of Simstich.pdf]

Simstich, J., Stanovy, V., Bauch, D. , Erlenkeuser, H. and Spielhagen, R. (2004) Holocene variability of bottom water hydrography on the Kara Sea shelf (Siberia) depicted in multiple single-valve analyses of stable isotopes in ostracods. Marine Geology, 206 (1-4). pp. 147-164. DOI 10.1016/j.margeo.2004.01.008.

Spielhagen, R., Baumann, K. H., Erlenkeuser, H., Nowaczyk, N. R., Nørgaard-Pedersen, N., Vogt, C. and Weiel, D. (2004) Arctic Ocean deep-sea record of Northern Eurasian ice sheet history. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23 (11-13). pp. 1455-1483. DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.2003.12.015.

[thumbnail of 2004_Svendsen-etal-Late_QSR-23.pdf]

Svendsen, J. I., Alexanderson, H., Astakhov, V. I., Demidov, I., Dowdeswell, J. A., Funder, S., Gataullin, V., Henriksen, M., Hjort, C., Houmark-Nielsen, M., Hubberten, H. W., Ingólfsson, O., Jakobsson, M., Kjaer, K. H., Larsen, E., Lokrantz, H., Lunkka, J. P., Lyså, A., Mangerud, J., Matioushkov, A., Murray, A., Möller, P., Niessen, F., Nikolskaya, O., Polyak, L., Saarnisto, M., Siegert, C., Siegert, M. J., Spielhagen, R. and Stein, R. (2004) Late Quaternary ice sheet history of northern Eurasia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23 (11-13). pp. 1229-1271. DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.2003.12.008.

[thumbnail of 2004_Thiede-etal-QUEEN_QSR-23.pdf]

Thiede, J. , Astakhov, V., Bauch, H. , Bolshiyanov, D. Y., Dowdeswell, J. A., Funder, S., Hjort, C., Kotlyakov, V. M., Mangerud, J., Pyramikov [! Pryamikov], S. M., Saarnisto, M. and Schluechter, C. (2004) What was QUEEN? Its history and international framework - an introduction to its final synthesis ; editorial. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23 (11/13). pp. 1225-1227. DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.2003.12.006.

[thumbnail of 1-s2.0-S0012821X04005825-main.pdf]

Zinke, J., Dullo, W. C. , Heiss, G. A. and Eisenhauer, A. (2004) ENSO and Indian Ocean subtropical dipole variability is recorded in a coral record off southwest Madagascar for the period 1659 to 1995. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 228 . pp. 177-194. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2004.09.028.

Articles in a Scientific Journal - without review

[thumbnail of 703_Haug_2004_HowTheIsthmusOfPanama_Artzeit_pubid12139.pdf]

Haug, G. H., Tiedemann, R. and Keigwin, L. D. (2004) How the Isthmus of Panama put ice in the Arctic. Open Access Oceanus, 42 . pp. 94-97.

[thumbnail of hennings3.pdf]

Hennings, I., Herbers, D., Prinz, K. and Ziemer, F. (2004) First results of the OROMA experiment in the Lister Tief of the German Bight in the North Sea, EARSeL Proceedings. Open Access EARSeL eProceedings, 3 . pp. 86-104.

[thumbnail of 2004_Schmittner_Sarntheim_etal_eost14945.pdf]

Schmittner, A., Sarnthein, M., Kinkel, H., Bartoli, G., Bickert, R., Crucifix, M., Crudeli, D., Groeneveld, J., Kösters, F., Mikolajewicz, U., Millo, C., Reijmer, J., Schäfer, P., Schmidt, D., Schneider, B., Schulz, M., Steph, S., Tiedemann, R., Weinelt, M. and Zuvela, M. (2004) Global impact of the Panamanian Seaway. Open Access Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 85 (49). pp. 526-527.

[thumbnail of 2004_Stepanova-etal-Ostracod_RevEspMic_36.pdf]

Stepanova, A., Taldenkova, E. and Bauch, H. A. (2004) Ostracod species of the genus Cytheropteron from late Pleistocene-Holocene and recent sediments of the Laptev Sea (Arctic Siberia). Open Access Revista Española de Micropaleontologia, 36 (1). pp. 83-108.

[thumbnail of German/English]

Tuschling, K., Kassens, H., Troyan, V. and Thiede, J. (2004) Wer sind die POMORen? = Who are the POMORs?. Open Access Zweijahresbericht = Report - Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung, 2002/2003 . pp. 18-20.


Thiede, J., Elßmann, L., Emmermann, R., Hermyt, D., Seibold, E., Spielhagen, R., Wedepohl, K. H., Welte, D. H. and Wininger, M., eds. (2004) Geowissenschaften und die Zukunft : wissensbasierte Vorhersagen, Warnungen, Herausforderungen ; Beiträge des Interakademischen Symposions vom 3. - 5. September 2003. . Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, 2004 (2). Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 183 pp. ISBN 3-515-08569-6

Book chapters

[thumbnail of hay.2005.pdf]

Hay, W. W. (2004) Carbonate fluxes and calcareous nannoplankton. In: Coccolithophores. , ed. by Thierstein, H. R. and Young, J. R.. Springer, Berlin, pp. 509-528. ISBN 978-3-642-06016-8 DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-06278-4_19.

Hoffmann-Wieck, G., Hartz, S., Jakobsen, O., Müller-Wille, M. and Haffner, A. (2004) Geoarchäologie im Oldenburger Graben - Genese und steinzeitliche Besiedlung einer ehemaligen Fjordlandschaft in der westlichen Ostsee. In: Starigard/Oldenburg: Hauptburg der Slawen in Wagrien, Band 5: Naturwissenschaftliche Beiträge. . Offa-Bücher, 82 . Wachholtz, Neumünster, pp. 15-29.

[thumbnail of 2004_Jakobsen_Etal_AMK.pdf]

Jakobsen, O., Meurers-Balke, J., Hoffmann-Wieck, G. and Thiede, J. (2004) Postglazialer Meeresspiegelanstieg in der südwestlichen Ostsee - Geoarchäologische Ergebnisse aus der Niederung des Oldenburger Grabens (Ostholstein). In: Geographie der Meere und Küsten : Ergebnisse der 22. Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises “Geographie der Meere und Küsten” in Warnemünde = Geography of Seas and Coasts : proceedings of the 22nd annual conference in Warnemünde, Germany / EUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V.. , ed. by Schernewski, G. and Dolch, T.. Coastline Reports, 2004 (1). EUCC, Warnemünde, pp. 9-21.

Klyuvitkina, T. S. and Bauch, H. A. (2004) Past changes in Laptev Sea water masses deduced from dinoflagellate cysts assemblages. In: 4th International Congress Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology : Isparta, Turkey, September 13-18, 2004 : Program & Extended Abstracts. , ed. by Yanko-Hombach, V.. ISEMMM, International Society of Environmental Microbiology, Micropaleontology, and Meiobenthology, Isparta, Turkey, pp. 109-111. ISBN 9757929786 ; 9789757929789

[thumbnail of Nürnberg]

Nürnberg, D. , Brughmans, N., Schönfeld, J., Ninnemann, U. and Dullo, W. C. (2004) Paleo-export production, terrigenous flux and sea surface temperatures around Tasmania - implications for glacial/interglacial changes in the subtropical convergence Zone. In: The cenozoic southern ocean: tectonics, sedimentation and climate change between Australia and Antarctica. , ed. by Exon, N., Kennett, J. and Malone, M.. Geophysical Monograph Series, 151 . AGU (American Geophysical Union), Washington, DC, pp. 291-318. ISBN 0-87590-416-5

Polyakova, Y. and Bauch, H. A. (2004) Holocene changes in the Laptev Sea (Siberian Arctic) water masses deduced from diatom assemblages. In: 4th International Congress Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology : Isparta, Turkey, September 13-18, 2004 : Program & Extended Abstracts. , ed. by Yanko-Hombach, V.. ISEMMM, International Society of Environmental Microbiology, Micropaleontology, and Meiobenthology, Isparta, Turkey, pp. 160-161. ISBN 9757929786 ; 9789757929789

Stickley, C. E., Brinkhuis, H., Mcgonigal, K. L., Chaproniere, G. C. H., Fuller, M., Kelly, D. C., Nürnberg, D. , Pfuhl, H. A., Schellenberg, S. A., Schönfeld, J., Suzuki, N., Touchard, Y., Wei, W., Williams, G. L., Lara, J. and Stant, S. A. (2004) Late Cretaceous-Quaternary biomagnetostratigraphy of ODP Sites 1168, 1170, 1171 and 1172, Tasmanian Gateway. In: Proceedings ODP, Scientific Results, Available from World Wide Web: ; 189 , ed. by N.F., K.. TAMU, College Station, USA, pp. 1-57.

Thiede, J. , Spielhagen, R. F. and Bauch, H. A. (2004) Das Golfstrom-Problem. In: Geowissenschaften und die Zukunft : wissensbasierte Vorhersagen, Warnungen, Herausforderungen. , ed. by Thiede, J., Eißmann, L., Emmermann, R., Herm, D., Seibold, E., Spielhagen, R. F., Wedepohl, K. H., Welte, D. H. and Wininger, M.. Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, 2004 (2). Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, pp. 168-174. ISBN 3-515-08569-6

[thumbnail of 2004_Wegner-etal-TransdriftIX_BerPolMeerFor-489.pdf]

Wegner, C., Hölemann, J., Churun, V. and Alawi, M. (2004) The Russian-German TRANSDRIFT IX Expedition of RV "Ivan Kireyev" 2003 : cruise report and first results. In: Expeditions in Siberia in 2003. , ed. by Schirrmeister, L.. Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung = Reports on Polar and Marine Research, 489 . Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Bremerhaven, pp. 210-231.

Zinke, J., von Storch, H., Müller, B., Zorita, E., Rein, B., Mieding, B., Miller, H., Lücke, A., Schleser, G. H., Schwab, M., Negendank, J. F. W., Gonzalez-Rouco, J. F., Dullo, W. C. , Eisenhauer, A. and (KIHZ-Consortium) (2004) Evidence for the climate during the Late Maunder Minimum from proxy data and model simulations availabe within KIHZ. In: The Climate in Historical Times - Towards a synthesis of Holocene proxy data and climate models. , ed. by Fischer, H.. GKSS School of Environmental Research . Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, pp. 397-414. ISBN 3-540-20601-9

Conference papers

Hennings, I., Herbers, D., Prinz, K. and Ziemer, F. (2004) The influence of macroturbulence on radar signatures of marine sand waves. [Paper] In: 19. Hydrographentag. . DHyG Dokumentation. .

Hennings, I., Herbers, D., Prinz, K. and Zimer, F. (2004) On waterspouts related to marine sandwaves. [Paper] In: Marine Sandwave and River Dune Dynamics II, International Workshop. . Proceedings MARID 2004 - Marine Sandwave and River Dune Dynamics II. ; pp. 88-95 .


Thiede, J. , Bauch, H. and Spielhagen, R. (2004) Variability of ocean surface currents off northwestern Europe during the latest Cenozoic. [Invited talk] In: 26th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting. , 06.01.-09.01.2004, Uppsala, Sweden . The 26th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting. ; p. 125 . GFF, 126 (1).

Conference posters

Hetzinger, S., Pfeiffer, M., Ruprecht, E. and Dullo, W. C. (2004) Reconstruction of Caribbean sea-surface salinity using a combined analysis of Sr/Ca elemental rations and oxygen isotope data from modern Diploria strigosa corals. [Poster] In: 8. International Conference on Paleoceanography, ICP 8. , 05.09.-10.09.2004, Biarritz, France .

Theses - not published by a publisher

Reuning, L. (2004) The Origin of Sub-Milankovitch Cycles in Early Pliocene Carbonate Platform Sediment: Bahamas vs. Maldives. (PhD/ Doctoral thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, 114 pp.

[thumbnail of 641_Sturm_2004_ChangesInOceanCirculationAnd_Hschri_pubid5837.pdf]

Sturm, A. (2004) Changes in ocean circulation and carbonate chemistry in the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean during the last 500,000 years. (PhD/ Doctoral thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, 79 pp.

Reports - Cruise Reports

[thumbnail of M61-1.pdf]

Pfannkuche, O., Bannert, B., Beck, T., Beuck, L., Dullo, W. C. , Flögel, S., Freiwald, A., Gass, S., Gektidis, M., Heger, A., Jamieson, A., Kavanagh, F., King, N., Kuhanec, B., Linke, P. , Martin, B., Neulinger, S. , Noe, S., Queisser, W., Rüggeberg, A. , Ruseler, S., Schiemer, I., Schmidt, S., Schönfeld, J., Taviani, M., Türk, M., Vertino, A. and Wigham, B. (2004) Geo-Biological Investigations on Azooxanthellate Cold-Water Coral Reefs on the Carbonate Mounds Along the Celtic Continental Slope. . Meteor-Berichte, 06-2 . UNSPECIFIED, 74 pp.

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