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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

[thumbnail of Geochem Geophys Geosyst - 2023 - Cao - Stable Barium Isotope Fractionation in Pore Waters of Estuarine Sediments.pdf] [thumbnail of 2023gc010907-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.docx]

Cao, Z., Rao, X., Li, Y., Hong, Q., Wei, L., Yu, Y., Ehlert, C., Liu, B., Siebert, C., Hathorne, E. C. , Zhang, Z., Scholz, F. , Kasten, S. and Frank, M. (2023) Stable Barium Isotope Fractionation in Pore Waters of Estuarine Sediments. Open Access Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 24 (6). e2023GC010907. DOI 10.1029/2023GC010907.

[thumbnail of s41597-023-02264-2.pdf]

Chaabane, S., de Garidel-Thoron, T., Giraud, X., Schiebel, R., Beaugrand, G., Brummer, G. J., Casajus, N., Greco, M., Grigoratou, M., Howa, H., Jonkers, L., Kucera, M., Kuroyanagi, A., Meilland, J., Monteiro, F., Mortyn, G., Almogi-Labin, A., Asahi, H., Avnaim-Katav, S., Bassinot, F., Davis, C. V., Field, D. B., Hernández-Almeida, I., Herut, B., Hosie, G., Howard, W., Jentzen, A., Johns, D. G., Keigwin, L., Kitchener, J., Kohfeld, K. E., Lessa, D. V. O., Manno, C., Marchant, M., Ofstad, S., Ortiz, J. D., Post, A., Rigual-Hernandez, A., Rillo, M. C., Robinson, K., Sagawa, T., Sierro, F., Takahashi, K. T., Torfstein, A., Venancio, I., Yamasaki, M. and Ziveri, P. (2023) The FORCIS database: A global census of planktonic Foraminifera from ocean waters. Open Access Scientific Data, 10 (1). Art.Nr. 354. DOI 10.1038/s41597-023-02264-2.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1228891-1.pdf]

Chatzievangelou, D., Robinson, N. J., Floegel, S., Bongiorni, L., Stefanni, S. and Aguzzi, J. (2023) Editorial: Data acquisition and processing strategies for the development of ecological indicators in the exploration and monitoring of deep-sea ecosystems under natural and anthropogenic changes. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1228891. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1228891.

[thumbnail of g50842.1.pdf] [thumbnail of G50842_SuppMat.pdf]

Dummann, W., Hofmann, P., Herrle, J. O., Frank, M. and Wagner, T. (2023) The early opening of the Equatorial Atlantic gateway and the evolution of Cretaceous peak warming. Open Access Geology, 51 (5). pp. 476-480. DOI 10.1130/G50842.1.

[thumbnail of sp-2-oae2023-3-2023.pdf]

Eisaman, M. D., Geilert, S. , Renforth, P., Bastianini, L., Campbell, J., Dale, A. W. , Foteinis, S., Grasse, P. , Hawrot, O., Löscher, C. R., Rau, G. H. and Rønning, J. (2023) Assessing the technical aspects of ocean-alkalinity-enhancement approaches. Open Access State Planet : SP, 2-oae2023 (Chapter 3). pp. 1-29. DOI 10.5194/sp-2-oae2023-3-2023.

[thumbnail of ggr12511-sup-0001-supinfo.pdf] [thumbnail of Geostandard Geoanalytic Res - 2023 - Fietzke.pdf]

Fietzke, J. and Anagnostou, E. (2023) Sources of Inaccuracy in Boron Isotope Measurement Using LA-MC-ICP-MS. Open Access Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 47 (3). pp. 481-492. DOI 10.1111/ggr.12511.

Filippova, A., Frank, M. , Kienast, M., Gutjahr, M. , Hathorne, E. C. and Hillaire‐Marcel, C. (2023) Authigenic and detrital carbonate Nd isotope records reflect pulses of detrital material input to the Labrador Sea during the Heinrich Stadials. Open Access Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 38 (2). e2022PA004470. DOI 10.1029/2022PA004470.

[thumbnail of s41467-023-37186-5.pdf] [thumbnail of 41467_2023_37186_MOESM1_ESM.pdf]

Geilert, S. , Frick, D. A., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Scholz, F. , Sommer, S., Grasse, P. , Vogt, C. and Dale, A. W. (2023) Coastal El Niño triggers rapid marine silicate alteration on the seafloor. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 . Art.Nr. 1676. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-37186-5.

Govindankutty Menon, A., Davis, C. V., Nürnberg, D. , Nomaki, H., Salonen, I., Schmiedl, G. and Glock, N. (2023) A deep-learning automated image recognition method for measuring pore patterns in closely related bolivinids and calibration for quantitative nitrate paleo-reconstructions. Open Access Scientific Reports, 13 . Art.Nr. 19628. DOI 10.1038/s41598-023-46605-y.

[thumbnail of hathorne_10_2023.pdf]

Hathorne, E. C. , Dolman, A. M. and Laepple, T. (2023) Assessing Seasonal and Inter‐Annual Marine Sediment Climate Proxy Data. Open Access Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 38 (10). Art.Nr. e2023PA004649. DOI 10.1029/2023PA004649.

Hetzinger, S., Grohganz, M., Halfar, J., Hathorne, E. , Ballesteros, E. and Kersting, D. K. (2023) Elemental cycles in the coralline alga Neogoniolithon hauckii as a recorder of temperature variability in the Mediterranean Sea. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1151592. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1151592.

[thumbnail of science.adi5177_sm.pdf] [thumbnail of science.adi5177.pdf]

Hönisch, B., Royer, D. L., Breecker, D. O., Polissar, P. J., Bowen, G. J., Henehan, M. J., Cui, Y., Steinthorsdottir, M., McElwain, J. C., Kohn, M. J., Pearson, A., Phelps, S. R., Uno, K. T., Ridgwell, A., Anagnostou, E. , Austermann, J., Badger, M. P. S., Barclay, R. S., Bijl, P. K., Chalk, T. B., Scotese, C. R., de la Vega, E., DeConto, R. M., Dyez, K. A., Ferrini, V., Franks, P. J., Giulivi, C. F., Gutjahr, M. , Harper, D. T., Haynes, L. L., Huber, M., Snell, K. E., Keisling, B. A., Konrad, W., Lowenstein, T. K., Malinverno, A., Guillermic, M., Mejía, L. M., Milligan, J. N., Morton, J. J., Nordt, L., Whiteford, R., Roth-Nebelsick, A., Rugenstein, J. K. C., Schaller, M. F., Sheldon, N. D., Sosdian, S., Wilkes, E. B., Witkowski, C. R., Zhang, Y. G., Anderson, L., Beerling, D. J., Bolton, C., Cerling, T. E., Cotton, J. M., Da, J., Ekart, D. D., Foster, G. L., Greenwood, D. R., Hyland, E. G., Jagniecki, E. A., Jasper, J. P., Kowalczyk, J. B., Kunzmann, L., Kürschner, W. M., Lawrence, C. E., Lear, C. H., Martínez-Botí, M. A., Maxbauer, D. P., Montagna, P., Naafs, B. D. A., Rae, J. W. B., Raitzsch, M., Retallack, G. J., Ring, S. J., Seki, O., Sepúlveda, J., Sinha, A., Tesfamichael, T. F., Tripati, A., van der Burgh, J., Yu, J., Zachos, J. C. and Zhang, L. and the Cenozoic CO Proxy Integration Project (CenCOPIP) Consortium (2023) Toward a Cenozoic history of atmospheric CO 2. Science, 382 (6675). eadi5177. DOI 10.1126/science.adi5177.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1074431.pdf] [thumbnail of Data Sheet 1.PDF]

Jacobi, L., Nürnberg, D. , Chao, W. s., Lembke-Jene, L. and Tiedemann, R. (2023) ENSO vs glacial-interglacial-induced changes in the Kuroshio-Oyashio transition zone during the Pleistocene. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1074431. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1074431.

Liu, C. Y., Wilson, D. J., Hathorne, E. C. , Xu, A. and Pogge von Strandmann, P. A. E. (2023) The influence of river-derived particles on estuarine and marine elemental cycles: Evidence from lithium isotopes. Open Access Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 361 . pp. 183-199. DOI 10.1016/j.gca.2023.08.015.

Massmann, G., Abarike, G., Amoako, K., Auer, F., Badewien, T. H., Berkenbrink, C., Böttcher, M. E., Brick, S., Cordova, I. V. M., Cueto, J., Dittmar, T., Engelen, B., Freund, H., Greskowiak, J., Günther, T., Herbst, G., Holtappels, M., Marchant, H. K., Meyer, R., Müller-Petke, M., Niggemann, J., Pahnke, K., Pommerin, D., Post, V., Reckhardt, A., Roberts, M., Schwalfenberg, K., Seibert, S. L., Siebert, C., Skibbe, N., Waska, H., Winter, C. and Zielinski, O. (2023) The DynaDeep observatory – a unique approach to study high-energy subterranean estuaries. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr.1189281. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1189281.

[thumbnail of McCartney.pdf]

McCartney, K., Chakraborty, A., Ghosh, A. K., Soeding, E. and Rout, V. (2023) Diversity and evolution of late Eocene to late Oligocene silicoflagellates from IODP Expedition 378 Holes U1553A and U1553B, southwest Pacific Ocean. Marine Micropaleontology, 179 . Art.Nr. 102215. DOI 10.1016/j.marmicro.2023.102215.

[thumbnail of Milker_al_2023.pdf]

Milker, Y., Schönfeld, J., Meng, S., Wrozyna, C., Schneppmüller, M. and Schmiedl, G. (2023) Are They Everywhere? – Benthic Foraminifera From Saline Springs in Central Germany. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 53 (4). pp. 286-304. DOI 10.2113/gsjfr.53.4.286.

[thumbnail of Münker et al.pdf]

Münker, C., Wombacher, F. and Siebert, C. (2023) Cambrian ocean floor crust preserved in the Takaka Terrane, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 66 (3). pp. 405-427. DOI 10.1080/00288306.2023.2197239.

[thumbnail of elementa.2022.00102.pdf]

Nomura, D., Kawaguchi, Y., Webb, A. L., Li, Y., Dall’osto, M., Schmidt, K., Droste, E. S., Chamberlain, E. J., Kolabutin, N., Shimanchuk, E., Hoppmann, M., Gallagher, M. R., Meyer, H., Mellat, M., Bauch, D. , Gabarró, C., Smith, M. M., Inoue, J., Damm, E. and Delille, B. (2023) Meltwater layer dynamics in a central Arctic lead: Effects of lead width, re-freezing, and mixing during late summer. Open Access Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 11 (1). Art.Nr. 00102. DOI 10.1525/elementa.2022.00102.

[thumbnail of s00531-023-02349-8-1.pdf]

Pfaffl, F. A. and Dullo, W. C. (2023) Early investigations of the Permo-Carboniferous glaciation of South Africa. Open Access International Journal of Earth Sciences, 112 . pp. 2199-2204. DOI 10.1007/s00531-023-02349-8.

[thumbnail of 1520-0477-BAMS-D-23-0046.1.pdf]

Rabe, B., Martin, T. , Solomon, A., Assmann, K. M., Biddle, L. C., Haine, T., Hattermann, T., Alexander Haumann, F., Jahn, A., Karpouzoglou, T., Laukert, G. , Naveira Garabato, A., Rosenblum, E., Sikes, E., Yin, L. and Zhang, X. (2023) Polar Fresh Water in a Changing Global Climate: Linking Arctic and Southern Ocean Processes. Open Access Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 104 (5). E970-E979. DOI 10.1175/BAMS-D-23-0046.1.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1101095.pdf]

Scholz, F. , Cheng, J., Zhang, Z., Vosteen, P., Siebert, C. and Frank, M. (2023) Benthic-pelagic coupling and isotopic fractionation of barium in Kiel Bight, SW Baltic Sea. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1101095. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1101095.

[thumbnail of jm-42-171-2023.pdf] [thumbnail of]

Schönfeld, J., Glock, N., Polovodova Asteman, I., Roy, A. S., Warren, M., Weissenbach, J. and Wukovits, J. (2023) Benthic foraminiferal patchiness – revisited. Open Access Journal of Micropalaeontology, 42 (2). pp. 171-192. DOI 10.5194/jm-42-171-2023.

[thumbnail of minerals-13-00841-v2.pdf]

Schultz, B., Huggett, J., Ullmann, C., Kassens, H. and Kölling, M. (2023) Links between Ikaite Morphology, Recrystallised Ikaite Petrography and Glendonite Pseudomorphs Determined from Polar and Deep-Sea Ikaite. Open Access Minerals, 13 (7). Art.Nr. 841. DOI 10.3390/min13070841.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1141448.pdf] [thumbnail of Supplementary material]

Spiegel, T. , Dale, A. W. , Lenz, N. , Schmidt, M. , Sommer, S., Kalapurakkal, H. T., Przibilla, A., Lindhorst, S. and Wallmann, K. (2023) Biogenic silica cycling in the Skagerrak. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1141448. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1141448.

Xu, A., Hathorne, E. , Laukert, G. and Frank, M. (2023) Overlooked riverine contributions of dissolved neodymium and hafnium to the Amazon estuary and oceans. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 . Art.Nr. 4156 (2023). DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-39922-3.

[thumbnail of Geophysical Research Letters - 2023 - Zhang - Coastal Mountains Amplified the Impacts of Orbital Forcing on East Asian.pdf] [thumbnail of 2023gl105932-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.pdf]

Zhang, J., Flögel, S., Hu, Y., Zhao, A., Chu, R., Zhu, C. and Wang, C. (2023) Coastal Mountains Amplified the Impacts of Orbital Forcing on East Asian Climate in the Late Cretaceous. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (23). e2023GL105932. DOI 10.1029/2023GL105932.

[thumbnail of Zhang.pdf]

Zhang, J., Hu, Y., Zhu, C., Flögel, S., Fang, X. and Sun, J. (2023) Modeling the effects of global cooling and the Tethyan Seaway closure on North African and South Asian climates during the Middle Miocene Climate Transition. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 619 . Art.Nr. 111541. DOI 10.1016/j.palaeo.2023.111541.

[thumbnail of frym-11-1176391.pdf]

Zhang, Z. and López-Acosta, M. (2023) How Human Activities Are Disrupting the Silicon Cycle. Open Access Frontiers for Young Minds, 11 . Art.Nr. 1176391. DOI 10.3389/frym.2023.1176391.

Zhang, Z., Yu, Y., Hathorne, E. C. , Vieira, L. H. , Grasse, P. , Siebert, C., Rahlf, P. and Frank, M. (2023) Decoupling of Barium and Silicon at the Congo River‐Dominated Southeast Atlantic Margin: Insights From Combined Barium and Silicon Isotopes. Open Access Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 37 (5). e2022GB007610. DOI 10.1029/2022GB007610.

Zhuravleva, A., Bauch, H. A. , Mohtadi, M., Fahl, K. and Kienast, M. (2023) Caribbean salinity anomalies contributed to variable North Atlantic circulation and climate during the Common Era. Open Access Science Advances, 9 (44). DOI 10.1126/sciadv.adg2639.

Zimmermann, H. H., Stoof-Leichsenring, K. R., Dinkel, V., Harms, L., Schulte, L., Hütt, M. T., Nürnberg, D. , Tiedemann, R. and Herzschuh, U. (2023) Marine ecosystem shifts with deglacial sea-ice loss inferred from ancient DNA shotgun sequencing. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 . Art.Nr. 1650. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-36845-x.

Articles in a Scientific Journal - without review

[thumbnail of PAGES_1_2023_43.pdf]

Anagnostou, E. , Babila, T., Chalk, T., Henehan, M. and Raitzsch, M. (2023) Boron-CO2 workshop: Testing and extending the limits of the foraminiferal boron proxy for seawater pH and atmospheric CO2 reconstructions. Open Access Past Global Changes Magazine : PAGES magazine, 31 (1). p. 43. DOI 10.22498/pages.31.1.43.

[thumbnail of egusphere-2023-2732.pdf] [thumbnail of egusphere-2023-2732-supplement.pdf]

Steinig, S. , Dummann, W., Hofmann, P., Frank, M. , Park, W. , Wagner, T. and Flögel, S. (Submitted) Controls on Early Cretaceous South Atlantic Ocean circulation and carbon burial – a climate model-proxy synthesis. Open Access Climate of the Past . DOI 10.5194/egusphere-2023-2732.

[thumbnail of 974659_0_merged_1695633933.pdf] [thumbnail of 974659_0_supp_11413948_s1dtxl.pdf]

Whiteford, R., Heaton, T. J., Henehan, M. J., Anagnostou, E. , Jurikova, H., Foster, G. L. and Rae, J. W. B. (Submitted) Reconstruction of Cenozoic δ11Bsw Using A Gaussian Process. Open Access ESS Open Archive . DOI 10.22541/essoar.169603519.93470287/v1.


Anagnostou, E. (2023) Extracting carbon variations in the ocean-atmosphere from foraminifera. [Talk] In: GeoKolloquium CAU. , 01.2023, Kiel, Germany .

Anagnostou, E. , Babila, T., Chalk, T., Henehan, M., Khanolkar, S., Ausin, B. and Westerhold, T. (2023) Foraminiferal boron isotope proxy for pH/atmospheric CO2 reconstructions: evolving updates and new data. [Invited talk] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Nambiar, R., Coenen, D., Henehan, M., Khanolkar, S., Stassen, P., Renema, W., Leroy, A., Moreau, F., Cotton, L., Müller, W. and Evans, D. (2023) Reconstructing the magnesium isotopic composition of Paleogene Seawater using larger benthic foraminifera. [Talk] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Xu, A. and Frank, M. (2023) Overlooked riverine contributions of dissolved neodymium and hafnium to the Amazon estuary and oceans. [Talk] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Conference posters

Brown, A., Kullhanek, D., Bohaty, S. M., Anagnostou, E. , Khanolkar, S., Westerhold, T. and Dallanave, E. and the IODP Expedition 392 Scientists (2023) Stable isotope analysis of foraminifera from the Mid-Oligocene Glacial Interval (MOGI), IODP Site U1579, Agulhas Plateau, southwestern Indian Ocean. [Poster] In: IODP/ICDP-Kolloquium 2023. , 29.-31.08.2023, Hannover, Germany .

[thumbnail of Abstract]

Huang, H. , Gutjahr, M. , Song, Z. , Fietzke, J. , Frank, M. , Kuhn, G., Hillenbrand, C. D., Christl, M., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Goepfert, T. and Eisenhauer, A. (2023) Seawater Pb isotopes record early Miocene to modern circulation dynamics in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean. Open Access [Poster] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Khanolkar, S., Anagnostou, E. , Westerhold, T., Drury, A. J. and Friedrich, O. (2023) Atmospheric CO2 and sea surface temperature across the late Eocene and early Oligocene from South Pacific: Site U1553, IODP 378 Expedition. [Poster] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Khanolkar, S., Anagnostou, E. , Westerhold, T., Drury, A. J. and Friedrich, O. (2023) Carbon dynamics and sea surface temperature from the late Eocene through the Oligocene from South Pacific: Site U1553, IODP 378 Expedition. [Poster] In: IODP/ICDP-Kolloquium 2023. , 29.-31.08.2023, Hannover, Germany .

Meiritz, L., Deusner, C. , Fietzke, J. , Santodomingo, N., Felis, T. and Anagnostou, E. (2023) Reconstructing ultra-high-resolution climate variability and symbiont bleaching in tropical corals: Introducing a multi-proxy approach. [Poster] In: 14th Symposium International Fossil Coral and Reef Society. , 10.-16.09.2023, Poland .

Xu, A., Hathorne, E. , Seidel, M. , Dittmar, T., Koschinsky, A. and Frank, M. (2023) Significant contribution of mangrove systems to marine neodymium and hafnium isotope budgets. [Poster] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2023. , 9.-14.07.2023, Lyon, France .

Theses - not published by a publisher

[thumbnail of Abstract]

Al-Hashem, A. (2023) The Biogeochemical Cycling of Particulate Trace Metals off the Southwest African and Peruvian Shelves. (PhD/ Doctoral thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany.

Endress, S. (2023) Exploring the utility of the B/Ca-proxy in Eocene planktonic foraminifera. (Master thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany, 75 pp.

Franzen, L. (2023) Upper ocean temperature and salinity variability in the central Drake Passage over the past ~140 kyrs. (Master thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany, 105 pp.

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