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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

Fischel, A., Seidenkrantz, M. S., Nürnberg, D. , Kucera, M. and Kuipers, A. (2017) Upper water mass variability in the Anegada-Jungfern Passage, NE Caribbean, during the last 11.100 cal.yr. The Holocene, 27 (9). pp. 1291-1307. DOI 10.1177/0959683616687378.

Brovkin, V., Brücher, T., Kleinen, T., Zaehle, S., Joos, F., Roth, R., Spahni, R., Schmitt, J., Fischer, H., Leuenberger, M., Stone, E. J., Ridgwell, A., Chappellaz, J., Kehrwald, N., Barbante, C., Blunier, T. and Dahl Jensen, D. (2016) Comparative carbon cycle dynamics between the present and last interglacial. Quaternary Science Reviews, 137 . pp. 15-32. DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.2016.01.028.

Van Nieuwenhove, N., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Bauch, H. A. and de Vernal, A. (2016) Sea surface density gradients in the Nordic Seas during the Holocene as revealed by paired microfossil and isotope proxies. Paleoceanography, 31 (3). pp. 380-398. DOI 10.1002/2015PA002815.


Caley, T., Peeters, F. J. C., Biastoch, A. , Rossignol, L., van Sebille, E., Durgadoo, J. V. , Malaizé, B., Giraudeau, J., Arthur, K. and Zahn, R. (2014) Quantitative estimate of the paleo-Agulhas leakage. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 41 (4). pp. 1238-1246. DOI 10.1002/2014GL059278.

Van Nieuwenhove, N., Bauch, H. A. and Andruleit, H. (2013) Multiproxy fossil comparison reveals contrasting surface ocean conditions in the western Iceland Sea for the last two Interglacials. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 370 . pp. 247-259. DOI 10.1016/j.palaeo.2012.12.018.

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Lunt, D. J., Abe-Ouchi, A., Bakker, P., Berger, A., Braconnot, P., Charbit, S., Fischer, N., Herold, N., Jungclaus, J. H., Khon, V. C., Krebs-Kanzow, U., Langebroek, P. M., Lohmann, G., Nisancioglu, K. H., Otto-Bliesner, B. L., Park, W. , Pfeiffer, M., Phipps, S. J., Prange, M., Rachmayani, R., Renssen, H., Rosenbloom, N., Schneider, B., Stone, E. J., Takahashi, K., Wei, W., Yin, Q. and Zhang, Z. S. (2013) A multi-model assessment of last interglacial temperatures. Open Access Climate of the Past, 9 (2). pp. 699-717. DOI 10.5194/cp-9-699-2013.

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