Principles of the archive

The OceanRep archive is a tool to further develop research in marine sciences. The main objectives are to facilitate the communication of research, to improve the dissemination and impact of research results, and to document the research effort. In accordance with these objectives the archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation.

The archive will accept any kinds of papers: articles of Scientific Journals (peer-reviewed & non peer-reviewed), newspaper or magazine articles, books, book chapters, proceedings, conference papers, presentations, poster, theses (published & not published yet), teaching resources, technical report, internal report, patents, videos, audio, images, interviews/performances on television and other documents.

To be accepted to OceanRep the documents have to be relevant to research in marine sciences, they have to be in a form that is ready to enter a process of communication and the required metadata have to be correct. All languages are supported, but we do encourage adding an English abstract if the publication is not in English.

Published items will not be removed from the archive, since this will break any links made to that document. Instead the archive allows the upload of later versions of a document, and readers are directed to the latest version. The archive administrator will, however, inhibit documents upon request.

If you have any requests, please contact:

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All entries, statements, results etc. contained in OceanRep have been compiled by the authors according to their best knowledge. All depositors have agreed to the Deposit Agreement below.

However, the possibility of mistakes can not be ruled out entirely. Therefore, the responsible partners of OceanRep, the archive staff and the depositors are not subject to any obligation and give no guarantees whatsoever regarding any of the statements etc. on this website, neither do they accept responsibility or liability for any possible mistakes contained therein.

Links to other websites on the OceanRep pages are for informational purpose only. OceanRep is not responsible for the availability or content of these sites. In addition, providing links to these sites should not be interpreted as endorsement or approval by GEOMAR.

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Deposit Agreement

When depositing an item the depositor consents with the following agreement:

In depositing this item (a collection of files and associated metadata), I grant OceanRep the right to make it permanently available online, either Open Access or in accordance with any access restrictions that I have specified. (Removal of eprints from the public archive is strongly discouraged, but will be granted upon request.) I understand that OceanRep does not assume any responsibility if there is any breach of copyright in distributing these files or metadata.

For entries made by the author: I declare that this item is my own intellectual property and that I have the right to make it available in OceanRep in the manner chosen.

For entries deposited by someone other than its author: I declare that the rights‘ owner gave me permission to make this item available in OceanRep in the manner chosen - respectively that the material is in the public domain.

Clicking on the deposit button indicates your agreement to these terms.

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