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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

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Aloisi, G. (2008) The calcium carbonate saturation state in cyanobacterial mats throughout Earths history. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72 . pp. 6037-6060. DOI 10.1016/j.gca.2008.10.007.

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Bertram, C., Krätschell, A., O’Brien, K., Brückmann, W. , Proelss, A. and Rehdanz, K. (2011) Metalliferous sediments in the Atlantis II Deep—Assessing the geological and economic resource potential and legal constraints. Resources Policy, 36 (4). pp. 315-329. DOI 10.1016/j.resourpol.2011.09.001.

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Bryant, L. D., Lorrai, C., McGinnis, D., Brand, A., Wüest, A. and Little, J. C. (2010) Variable sediment oxygen uptake in response to dynamic forcing. Open Access Limnology and Oceanography, 55 (2). pp. 950-964. DOI 10.4319/lo.2010.55.2.0950.

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Lefeldt, M., Grevemeyer, I. , Goßler, J. and Bialas, J. (2009) Intraplate seismicity and releated mantle hydration at the Nicaraguan trench outer rise. Open Access Geophysical Journal International, 178 (2). pp. 742-752. DOI 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04167.x.

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Linke, P. , Sommer, S., Rovelli, L. and McGinnis, D. (2010) Physical limitations of dissolved methane fluxes: The role of bottom layer processes. Marine Geology, 272 . pp. 209-222. DOI 10.1016/j.margeo.2009.03.020.

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Maurer, H., Spillmann, T., Heincke, B., Hauck, C., Loew, S., Springman, S. M. and Green, A. G. (2010) Geophysical characterization of slope instabilities. First Break, 28 . pp. 53-61.

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Ma, X., Bange, H. W. , Eirund, G. K. and Arévalo-Martínez, D. L. (2020) Nitrous oxide and hydroxylamine measurements in the Southwest Indian Ocean. Journal of Marine Systems, 209 . Art.Nr. 103062. DOI 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2018.03.003.

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Moorkamp, M., Heincke, B., Jegen, M. , Roberts, A. W. and Hobbs, R. W. (2011) A framework for 3-D joint inversion of MT, gravity and seismic refraction data. Open Access Geophysical Journal International, 184 (1). pp. 477-493. DOI 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04856.x.

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Moorkamp, M., Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Roberts, A. and Hobbs, R. (2010) Massively parallel forward modeling of scalar and tensor gravimetry data. Computers & Geosciences, 36 (5). pp. 680-686. DOI 10.1016/j.cageo.2009.09.018.

[thumbnail of 1059_Moorkamp_2010_JointInversionOfReceiverFunctions_Artzeit_pubid13642.pdf]

Moorkamp, M., Jones, A. G. and Fishwick, S. (2010) Joint inversion of receiver functions, surface wave dispersion, and magnetotelluric data. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 115 . B04318. DOI 10.1029/2009JB006369.

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Nuzzo, M., Elvert, M., Schmidt, M. , Scholz, F., Reitz, A., Hinrichs, K. U. and Hensen, C. (2012) Impact of hot fluid advection on hydrocarbon gas production and seepage in mud volcano sediments of thick Cenozoic deltas. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 341-344 . pp. 139-157. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2012.05.009.

Articles in a Scientific Journal - without review

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Heincke, B., Jegen, M. , Moorkamp, M., Chen, J. and Hobbs, R. W. (2010) Adaptive coupling strategy for simultaneous joint inversions that use petrophysical information as constraints. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 29 . pp. 2805-2809. DOI 10.1190/1.3513426. Date online first: 2010

Roberts, A. W., Hobbs, R. W., Goldstein, M., Moorkamp, M., Heincke, B. and Jegen, M. (2010) Emulation: A Bayesian tool for joint inversion. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 29 . pp. 2840-2844. DOI 10.1190/1.3513434.


Avdeeva, A. and Avdeev, D. (2008) 3D MT Inversion with a Limited-Memory QN Method. [Talk] In: MT 3D Inversion Workshop. , 12.-14.03, Dublin, Ireland .

Avdeeva, A., Gehrmann, R. and Jegen-Kulcsar, M. (2009) Salt dome overhang detectability study for marine magnetotelluric method. [Talk] In: International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy Scientific Assembly. , 23.08.-30.08, Soprun, Hungary .

Avdeev, D. and Avdeeva, A. (2008) 3D MT inversion of the DIAS secret dataset. [Talk] In: MT 3D Inversion Workshop. , 12.-14.03, Dublin, Ireland .

Brückmann, W., Bialas, J. , Jegen, M. D. , Lefeldt, M. R., Hölz, S. and Feseker, T. (2010) Dynamic controls of fluid and gas flow at North Alex Mud Volcano, West Nile Delta. [Talk] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2010. , 13.12.-17.12.2010, San Francisco, California, USA .

Chen, J., Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Moorkamp, M. and Heincke, B. (2010) The Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert instantaneous spectrum on MT data processing . [Talk] In: 20th International Electromagnetic Induction Workshop. , 19.09.2010, Giza, Egypt .

Gehrmann, R., Avdeeva, A., Bialas, J. , Hölz, S. , Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Lefeldt, M., Sommer, M. and Worzewski, T. (2009) Magnetotellurische und reflexionsseismische Daten im Umfeld des Schlammvulkans North Alex, West Nil Delta - erste Ergebnisse. [Talk] In: Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft (DGG). , 23.03.-26.03, Kiel .

Haeckel, M. and SUGAR (2010) The German Gas Hydrate Initiative – SUGAR: Innovative exploitation techniques, numerical modelling, and laboratory experiments. [Talk] In: C-CORE Workshop on “Gas Hydrate as an Energy Resource for the Canadian East Coast". , 23.-24.03.2010, St. John's, Canada .

Haeckel, M. (2010) Marine gas hydrates – Production of natural gas and storage of CO2: The German SUGAR project. [Talk] In: Sino-G3 Seminar on Marine Geology. , 23.-24.02.2010, Guangzhou, China .

Haeckel, M. (2010) SUGAR - Submarine Gas hydrate reservoirs (Exploration, Exploitation, Transport). [Talk] In: Seminar at Guangzhou Center for Gashydrate Research. , 25.02.2010, Guangzhou, China .

Haeckel, M. (2010) SUGAR - Submarine Gas hydrate reservoirs (Subprojects A3, A4, B1). [Talk] In: SUGAR-NGHP Workshop. , 11.-12.03.2010, Noida, India .

Heincke, B., Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Moorkamp, M. and Chen, J. (2010) An adaptive coupling strategy for joint inversion of MT, seismic and gravity data. [Talk] In: 70. Jahrestagung der DGG. , 15.-18 März 2010, Bochum .

Hölz, S. and Jegen-Kulcsar, M. (2009) Development of a CSEM system for the electromagnetic investigation of the North Alex Mud Volcano. [Talk] In: EGU General Assembly. , 19.04.-23.04, Vienna, Austria .

Jegen, M. , Moorkamp, M., Heincke, B., Hobbs, R. and Richards, A. S. (2010) The use of different coupling strategies in joint inversion. [Invited talk] In: SEG Workshop Advances in Joint Inversion. , 22.10.2010, Denver, Colo. USA .

Krause, S., Aloisi, G., Liebetrau, V. and Treude, T. (2009) Dissolution of carbonates caused by the activity of marine aerobic methanotrophic bacteria. [Talk] In: Jahrestagung der Geologischen Vereinigung. , 5.-7.10, Göttingen .

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Linke, P. , Sommer, S., Rovelli, L. and McGinnis, D. (2009) Physical controls of cold seep methane emission. [Talk] In: OCEANS '09 IEEE, Balancing Technology with Future Needs. , 1105..-14.05, Bremen .

Miensopust, M. P., Queralt, P., Jones, A. G. and Avdeeva, A. and MT 3D Inversion Workshop attendees (2008) MT 3D inversion - a recapitulation of a successful workshop. [Talk] In: 19th EM Induction Workshop. , 23.-29.10, Beijing, China .

Moorkamp, M., Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Hobbs, R. W., Roberts, A. W. and Heincke, B. (2009) Towards 3D joint inversion of full tensor gravity, magnetotelluric and seismic refraction data. [Talk] In: AGU Fall Meeting. , 14.12.-19.12, San Francisco, California, USA .

Schicks, J. M., Steinhauer, B., Spangenberg, E., Giese, R., Luzi, M., Erzinger, J., Wallmann, K. , Haeckel, M. and Klaucke, I. and SUGAR (2010) Methane recovery from and carbon dioxide sequestration in natural gas hydrates: Development and test of innovative methods. [Talk] In: Fiery Ice from the Seas: 7th International Workshop on Methane Hydrate Research & Development. , 10.-12.05.2010, Wellington, New Zealand .

Sommer, S., Linke, P. , Pfannkuche, O., Bowden, D. A., Haeckel, M. , Greinert, J. and Thurber, A. R. (2008) Novel cold seep habitat along the Hikurangi margin (New Zealand). [Other] In: EGU General Assembly. , 14.-18.04, Vienna, Austria .

Conference posters

Bigalke, N., Haeckel, M. , Schicks, J. M., Spangenberg, E. and Wallmann, K. (2010) Submarine gas hydrate exploitation: high-pressure laboratory experiments and the German SUGAR project. [Poster] In: Gordon Research Conference on Natural Gas Hydrate Systems. , 06.-11.06.2010, Colby College, Waterville, USA .

Brückmann, W., Bialas, J. , Brown, K., Feseker, T., Hensen, C. , Hölz, S. , Jegen, M. , Linke, P. , Nuzzo, M., Reitz, A. and Scholz, F. (2008) The West Nile Delta mud volcano project. [Poster] In: 9th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments (ICSG). , 15.-19.09.2008, Bremen .

Brückmann, W., Tryon, M. D., Bialas, J. , Feseker, T. and Lefeldt, M. (2009) Monitoring the Dynamic Properties of an active Mud Volcano in the West Nile Delta. [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2009. , 14.-18.12, San Francisco, USA .

Haeckel, M. , Bialas, J. and Wallmann, K. and SUGAR (2010) The German collaborative project SUGAR: Utilization of a natural treasure – Developing innovative techniques for the exploration and production of natural gas from hydrate-bearing sediments. [Poster] In: Fiery Ice from the Seas: 7th International Workshop on Methane Hydrate Research & Development. , 10.-12.05.2010, Wellington, New Zealand .

Heincke, B., Jegen-Kulcsar, M., Moorkamp, M. and Chen, J. (2009) Comparison of different coupling strategies for joint inversion . [Poster] In: EMTF-Meeting. , 29.09.2009 - 01.10.2009, Seddiner See .

Laurila, T. E., Hannington, M. D., Petersen, S. and Krätschell, A. (2010) The Atlantis II Deep - Geochemical insights to the metal precipitation in the Red Sea. [Poster] In: Society of Economic Geologists 2010 Conference. , 03.-05.10.2010, Keystone, Colorado, USA .

Pinero, E., Marquardt, M., Hensen, C. and Haeckel, M. (2010) Global distribution of gas hydrates in marine sediments: application of a general transfer function. [Poster] In: EGU General Assembly 2010. , 02.-07.05.2010, Vienna, Austria .


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Brückmann, W. and Makarow, D. (2011) Schlammvulkane im Westnil-Delta.

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