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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

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Saha, M. , Barboza, F. R. , Somerfield, P. J., Al-Janabi, B., Beck, M., Brakel, J., Ito, M. , Pansch, C. , Nascimento‐Schulze, J. C., Jakobsson Thor, S., Weinberger, F. and Sawall, Y. (2020) Response of foundation macrophytes to near‐natural simulated marine heatwaves. Open Access Global Change Biology, 26 (2). pp. 417-430. DOI 10.1111/gcb.14801.

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Al-Janabi, B., Wahl, M. , Karsten, U. , Graiff, A. and Kruse, I. (2019) Sensitivities to global change drivers may correlate positively or negatively in a foundational marine macroalga. Open Access Scientific Reports, 9 (1). Art.Nr. 4653. DOI 10.1038/s41598-019-51099-8.

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Pansch, C. , Scotti, M. , Barboza, F. R. , Al-Janabi, B., Brakel, J., Briski, E. , Buchholz, B., Franz, M. , Ito, M. , Paiva, F. , Saha, M. , Sawall, Y., Weinberger, F. and Wahl, M. (2018) Heat waves and their significance for a temperate benthic community: A near-natural experimental approach. Global Change Biology, 24 . pp. 4357-4367. DOI 10.1111/gcb.14282.

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Harvey, B., Al-Janabi, B., Broszeit, S., Cioffi, R., Kumar, A., Aranguren-Gassis, M., Bailey, A., Green, L., Gsottbauer, C., Hall, E., Lechler, M., Mancuso, F., Pereira, C., Ricevuto, E., Schram, J., Stapp, L., Stenberg, S. and Rosa, L. (2014) Evolution of Marine Organisms under Climate Change at Different Levels of Biological Organisation. Open Access Water, 6 (11). pp. 3545-3574. DOI 10.3390/w6113545.


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Al-Janabi, B., Kruse, I. and Wahl, M. (2015) Correlated and anti-correlated sensitivities to global change factors will determine the fate of Fucus vesiculosus. [Talk] In: BIOACID II Final Meeting. , 06.10.2015, Kiel, Germany .

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Al-Janabi, B., Kruse, I. and Wahl, M. (2015) The interaction between intraspecific genetic diversity and global environmental change in early life-stage Fucus vesiculosus. [Talk] In: Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conference. , 01.09.2015, Liverpool, UK .

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Al-Janabi, B., Kruse, I. and Wahl, M. (2015) Interaction between intraspecific genetic diversity and environmental stress in early life-stage macroalgae. [Talk] In: Aquatic Sciences Meetin 2015. , 23.02.2015, Granada, Spain .

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Al-Janabi, B., Kruse, I., Graiff, A., Karsten, U. and Wahl, M. (2015) Tolerance to climate change of early life-stage Fucus Vesiculosus varies among sibling groups. Open Access [Talk] In: 6. European Phycological Congress (EPC6). , 23.-28.08.2015, London, UK ; pp. 106-107 . DOI 10.1080/09670262.2015.1069489. European Journal of Phycology, 50 (Suppl. 1).

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Al-Janabi, B., Asmus, R., Asmus, H., Bartsch, I., Böhm, F., Böttcher, M., Eisenhauer, A. , Graiff, A., Gutow, L., Karsten, U., Kruse, I., Matthiessen, B., Mensch, B., Pansch, A., Raddatz, S., Schmitz, R. A., Tauber, I., Wahl, M. , Werner, F. J. and Winde, V. (2014) Effects of climate change on benthic communities in the Baltic Sea – Kiel Benthocosms. Open Access [Talk] In: Akkeshi Marine Station, University of Hokkaido. , 24.10.2014, Hokkaido, Japan .

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Al-Janabi, B., Graiff, A., Karsten, U., Wahl, M. and Kruse, I. (2014) Response of genetic diversity levels of early life-stage Fucus vesiculosus on two climate change parameters. [Talk] In: 15. Scientific Conference of the Phycology Section of the German Botanical Society, Stralsund. , 23.-26.02.2014, Stralsund, Germany .

Conference posters

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Al-Janabi, B., Graiff, A., Karsten, U., Kruse, I. and Wahl, M. (2014) Does genetic diversity of F. vesiculosusgermlings confer resistance towards climate change stress?. [Poster] In: BIOACID Annual Meeting 2014. , 10-11.09.2014, Kiel, Germany .

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Al-Janabi, B. and Wahl, M. (2013) Responses of benthic communities to multifactorial stress. [Poster] In: Scientific Advisory Board GEOMAR 2013. , 2013, Kiel, Germany .

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Al-Janabi, B., Graiff, A., Kruse, I., Wahl, M. , Karsten, U. and Käse, L. (2013) The role of genetic diversity levels on sensibility to global change in early life-stage macroalgae. [Poster] In: BIOACID Annual Meeting 2013. , 01.-02.10.2013, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany .

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Al-Janabi, B., Kruse, I. and Wahl, M. (2013) Interaction between genetic diversity and climate change in seaweed germlings. [Poster] In: CeMEB course: Marine evolution under climate change. , 13.11.2013, Kristineberg, Sweden .

Theses - not published by a publisher

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Al-Janabi, B. (2016) The adaptive potential of early life-stage Fucus vesiculosus under multifactorial environmental change. Open Access (PhD/ Doctoral thesis), Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Kiel, Germany, 141 pp.

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