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Articles in a Scientific Journal - peer-reviewed

[thumbnail of Environmental DNA - 2023 - Brodnicke - Deep‐sea sponge derived environmental DNA analysis reveals demersal fish.pdf]

Brodnicke, O. B., Meyer, H. K., Busch, K. , Xavier, J. R., Knudsen, S. W., Møller, P. R., Hentschel, U. and Sweet, M. J. (2023) Deep‐sea sponge derived environmental DNA analysis reveals demersal fish biodiversity of a remote Arctic ecosystem. Open Access Environmental DNA, 5 (6). pp. 1405-1417. DOI 10.1002/edn3.451.

[thumbnail of Ecology and Evolution - 2023 - Carrier - Maternal provisioning of an obligate symbiont in a sponge.pdf] [thumbnail of ece310012_sup_0001_datas1.pdf]

Carrier, T. J. , Schmittmann, L. , Jung, S., Pita, L. and Hentschel, U. (2023) Maternal provisioning of an obligate symbiont in a sponge. Open Access Ecology and Evolution, 13 (5). Art.Nr. e10012. DOI 10.1002/ece3.10012.

[thumbnail of s40168-023-01701-z.pdf]

Domin, H., Zimmermann, J., Taubenheim, J., Fuentes Reyes, G., Saueressig, L., Prasse, D., Höppner, M., Schmitz, R. A., Hentschel, U. , Kaleta, C. and Fraune, S. (2023) Sequential host-bacteria and bacteria-bacteria interactions determine the microbiome establishment of Nematostella vectensis. Open Access Microbiome, 11 (1). Art.Nr. 257. DOI 10.1186/s40168-023-01701-z.

[thumbnail of evad228.pdf]

Faist, H., Ankenbrand, M. J., Sickel, W., Hentschel, U. , Keller, A. and Deeken, R. (2023) Opportunistic bacteria of grapevine crown galls are equipped with the genomic repertoire for opine utilization. Open Access Genome Biology and Evolution, 15 (12). evad228. DOI 10.1093/gbe/evad228.

[thumbnail of 10.3934_microbiol.2023027.pdf]

Galarza–Verkovitch, D., Turak, O., Wiese, J. , Rahn, T., Hentschel, U. and Borchert, E. (2023) Bioprospecting for polyesterase activity relevant for PET degradation in marine Enterobacterales isolates. Open Access AIMS Microbiology, 9 (3). pp. 518-539. DOI 10.3934/microbiol.2023027.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1176145.pdf] [thumbnail of Data Sheet 1.docx]

Marulanda-Gomez, A. M., Bayer, K. , Pita, L. and Hentschel, U. (2023) A novel in-vivo phagocytosis assay to gain cellular insights on spongemicrobe interactions. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1176145. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1176145.

[thumbnail of s41586-023-06583-7.pdf]

Pavlopoulos, G. A., Baltoumas, F. A., Liu, S., Selvitopi, O., Camargo, A. P., Nayfach, S., Azad, A., Roux, S., Call, L., Ivanova, N. N., Chen, I. M., Paez-Espino, D., Karatzas, E., Acinas, S. G., Ahlgren, N., Attwood, G., Baldrian, P., Berry, T., Bhatnagar, J. M., Bhaya, D., Bidle, K. D., Blanchard, J. L., Boyd, E. S., Bowen, J. L., Bowman, J., Brawley, S. H., Brodie, E. L., Brune, A., Bryant, D. A., Buchan, A., Cadillo-Quiroz, H., Campbell, B. J., Cavicchioli, R., Chuckran, P. F., Coleman, M., Crowe, S., Colman, D. R., Currie, C. R., Dangl, J., Delherbe, N., Denef, V. J., Dijkstra, P., Distel, D. D., Eloe-Fadrosh, E., Fisher, K., Francis, C., Garoutte, A., Gaudin, A., Gerwick, L., Godoy-Vitorino, F., Guerra, P., Guo, J., Habteselassie, M. Y., Hallam, S. J., Hatzenpichler, R., Hentschel, U. , Hess, M., Hirsch, A. M., Hug, L. A., Hultman, J., Hunt, D. E., Huntemann, M., Inskeep, W. P., James, T. Y., Jansson, J., Johnston, E. R., Kalyuzhnaya, M., Kelly, C. N., Kelly, R. M., Klassen, J. L., Nüsslein, K., Kostka, J. E., Lindow, S., Lilleskov, E., Lynes, M., Mackelprang, R., Martin, F. M., Mason, O. U., McKay, R. M., McMahon, K., Mead, D. A., Medina, M., Meredith, L. K., Mock, T., Mohn, W. W., Moran, M. A., Murray, A., Neufeld, J. D., Neumann, R., Norton, J. M., Partida-Martinez, L. P., Pietrasiak, N., Pelletier, D., Reddy, T. B. K., Reese, B. K., Reichart, N. J., Reiss, R., Saito, M. A., Schachtman, D. P., Seshadri, R., Shade, A., Sherman, D., Simister, R., Simon, H., Stegen, J., Stepanauskas, R., Sullivan, M., Sumner, D. Y., Teeling, H., Thamatrakoln, K., Treseder, K., Tringe, S., Vaishampayan, P., Valentine, D. L., Waldo, N. B., Waldrop, M. P., Walsh, D. A., Ward, D. M., Wilkins, M., Whitman, T., Woolet, J., Woyke, T., Iliopoulos, I., Konstantinidis, K., Tiedje, J. M., Pett-Ridge, J., Baker, D., Visel, A., Ouzounis, C. A., Ovchinnikov, S., Buluç, A. and Kyrpides, N. C. (2023) Unraveling the functional dark matter through global metagenomics. Open Access Nature, 622 (7983). pp. 594-602. DOI 10.1038/s41586-023-06583-7.

[thumbnail of Limnology Oceanography - 2022 - Ramondenc - Effects of Atlantification and changing sea‐ice dynamics on zooplankton.pdf]

Ramondenc, S., Nöthig, E., Hufnagel, L., Bauerfeind, E., Busch, K. , Knüppel, N., Kraft, A., Schröter, F., Seifert, M. and Iversen, M. H. (2023) Effects of Atlantification and changing sea‐ice dynamics on zooplankton community structure and carbon flux between 2000 and 2016 in the eastern Fram Strait. Open Access Limnology and Oceanography, 68 (51). S39-S53. DOI 10.1002/lno.12192.

[thumbnail of s41467-023-43023-6.pdf]

Stenvers, V. I. , Hauss, H. , Bayer, T. , Havermans, C., Hentschel, U. , Schmittmann, L. , Sweetman, A. K. and Hoving, H. J. T. (2023) Experimental mining plumes and ocean warming trigger stress in a deep pelagic jellyfish. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 (1). Art.Nr. 7352. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-43023-6.

[thumbnail of fmars-10-1177106.pdf]

Taboada, S., Whiting, C., Wang, S., Ríos, P., Davies, A. J., Mienis, F., Kenchington, E., Cárdenas, P., Cranston, A., Koutsouveli, V. , Cristobo, J., Rapp, H. T., Drewery, J., Baldó, F., Morrow, C., Picton, B., Xavier, J. R., Arias, M. B., Leiva, C. and Riesgo, A. (2023) Long distance dispersal and oceanographic fronts shape the connectivity of the keystone sponge Phakellia ventilabrum in the deep northeast Atlantic. Open Access Frontiers in Marine Science, 10 . Art.Nr. 1177106. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2023.1177106.

[thumbnail of A453B3A70689.pdf]

Tora, D., Hentschel, U. , Lips, S., Schmitt-Jansen, M. and Borchert, E. (2023) 16s rRNA gene sequence analysis of the microbial community on microplastic samples from the North Atlantic and Great Pacific Garbage Patches. Open Access African Journal of Microbiology Research, 17 (5). pp. 123-138. DOI 10.5897/AJMR2022.9682.

[thumbnail of fmicb-14-1183627.pdf]

Weiland-Bräuer, N., Koutsouveli, V. , Langfeldt, D. and Schmitz, R. A. (2023) First insights into the Aurelia aurita transcriptome response upon manipulation of its microbiome. Open Access Frontiers in Microbiology, 14 . Art.Nr. 1183627. DOI 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1183627.

Articles in a Scientific Journal - without review

[thumbnail of 2023.02.14.528435v1.full.pdf]

Steiner, L. X. , Wiese, J. , Rahn, T., Borchert, E. , Slaby, B. M. and Hentschel, U. (Submitted) Maribacter halichondris sp. nov., isolated from the marine sponge Halichondria panicea. Open Access bioRxiv . DOI 10.1101/2023.02.14.528435.


Schmittmann, L. , Busch, K. , Gottschalk, J., Mock, L. , Rath, W. and Biastoch, A. (2023) Quantifying the risk of disease dispersal to European flat oyster restoration sites by ocean modelling. [Talk] In: NORA5 Conference (Scaling-up European Oyster Reef Restoration). , 06.-08.11.2023, Middelburg, Netherlands .

Conference posters

[thumbnail of KB_PoFIV_Topic6 meeting2023final.pdf]

Bayer, K. and Hentschel, U. (2023) PoC - Point of Cooperation: Single Cell Sorting to support your research. Open Access [Poster] In: Annual PoF IV - Topic 6 Symposium. , 22.-23.06.2023, Bremerhaven, Germany .

Theses - not published by a publisher

Rufino-Navarro, A. (2023) Influence of photosymbionts on the survival of the larvae from the sea urchin Arbacia lixula. (Master thesis), University of La Laguna, La Laguna, Spain.

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